There is no way that you could convince me of a point to life. Why? Simple logic. You CANNOT and WILL NOT know what is outside of life until you are there. Once you are there you cannot come back to life.

Soo any reason for life that you could give me would have to be based on something within life. Well you cannot explain something with itself. Doesn't work like that.

Sure there are things that may make life a little better but they DO NOT explain life.

The best explanation of life? Primordial soup and evolution...

And I DID NOT ask to live. Life is something forced on everyone and everything living.

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Stop taking yourself too seriously

You have been put on this earth and you didn't have a choice but you might as well cherish it. There is crap in life but there is also beauty, you just have to find it but it is surely there.

if u belive in reincarnattion its not,were here to learn lessions,to know what life is,all the good and bad,like depression,whitch i have,u cant know what its like unless u go through something like that and your grow as a being.

I agree. Though that doesn't have to be a viewpoint of negativity. I also feel like the meaning of life is only what you make it, seeing as (from my perspective) evolution is what brought me and you here without some kind of contract for us to fill out before we pass on. I see the "life is pointless" mentality more as a way of freeing yourself from a lot of worries.

So very true :)