Is It?

i didnt have what i needed to be happy in the first place, but now im feel like im losing what keeps me sane and what holds me together. the people that hold me together are all moving on...moving away or just going down different paths in thier own lifes, im happy for them but i dont know what im going to do.

i hate my present life, but the funny thing is tomorrow i will miss today, im never happy with where i am. my mind can never bare to be in the present, its always thinking about my past and how desperate i want it back, i find it hard to cope with the fact i can never go back. these thoughts alone nearly beat me down completely, and now i have to come to terms with the fact some of my childhood pets arent going to be around a whole lot longer.

cracks are begining to show...the only time i dont feel empty is when im at work, its the only thing that can distract me well enough...i try to go out to take my mind off things but it all finds a way to bring me down even when im many things are falling apart its feels like im MEANT to break.



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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Thanks guys, i feel as though ive been able to move forward from this alot since writting it, its still in the back of my mind...but its managble.

Hi there, as you probably do realise there is absolutely no good looking back. Unless you need to resolve issues which affect you to this day, which it sounds like you do..? you haven't really gone into detail about your past or present so it's hard to give specific advice. But there's plently of help out there. See your Doctor. Get Psychotherapy (there's no shame in it) you can learn techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which sound like it could be especially helpful to you. It basically entails changing your negative thought process by focusing on present thinking, behavior, and communication and is orientated towards problem solving. Give it a try buy books get a therapist or whatever. Don't put help off there's plently out there for you! :-). <BR><BR>P.S. I don't recommend pot haha.