Not Fair!

*stands up, raises fist and yells at 'life'*

Oh, no! You're not doing that to me. Well, you obviously are because you already have, but... Still not fair! Yes, I know he is ill. Not physically but mentally. And yes, I know he can not love me because he doesn't know what it means. And I know I should go find someone stable and usual to build a relationship with, but you know, I don't fall for those people, no matter how great they might be. No matter how bad he might be. No matter how much it will take from me. Don't you understand? I love him. You can't teach me a lesson by letting him lose his way. By letting him do crazy things and slip away from me. I will NOT give up, do you hear me? I will wait. I will leave him for now, but I will not forget. Neither will he. I will help him when I get the chance. And I will NOT search for someone stable. I don't want anyone stable. I want him. So I demand, RIGHT now, that you stop this foolishness and give him back to me.

Alright. I'll say the magic word. Please?

JojaRodenaLente JojaRodenaLente
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1 Response Mar 16, 2009

Good<br />
Luck<br />
He's mentally ill. Unless he gets the help he needs, that is it...and not knowing anything more of the story, I have to wonder, how likely is that? <br />
You've picked a rough road. Good Luck to you. May you have the Best of it.