Seems Like A Good Place To Start,

For my entire life ive been told to "cheer up other people have worse" and alot of the time i see thats true and i see where it could have been avoided; and i suppose thats true to me as well, but face it.... it does not matter. My problems are important to me and ours are to you. I truly beleive my life is crap.

When i was a kid the only good memory and i mean honest good not a big scheme to make you forgive them, or prove your cared about; but just an honest thing that creates a lasting memory was when my mom decided i could pick out my own blanket. (keep in mind i was 4) everything else was her holding me to the stove when i didnt understand the concept of "too hot to touch" or the dozens of times she threw my stuff on the lawn to kick me out before age twelve or the time she threatened to call the cops to send me to jail when i was crying begging her to just listen to me instead of jumping to a point (longer story i was accused by a school of endangerment for bringing a firework accidentaly in my jacket pocket, it also led to me getting thrown out again)

to the present where the police who lost my previous case made point to hassle and harass me for years up until the DUI enforcement commander decided to total my car without cause. not to mention they didnt want to pay any of the fees and it drug on and on in court to the point where i barely covered my losses, im still not fully healed as my hip pops out of place (not as bad as dislocated) and stays white hot pain even after popping it back, but thanks to the fine work of our police departments self insured policy i had to go to see their doctors in the only ligitimate hospital within 300 miles that i had access to with an X-ray that showed no extensive damage.

after my car was totaled i decided with my ****** life id do something for me, id buy my dream car. i built the credit had the funds it was cheaper then my original focus ironically. i bought myself an 08 crossfire, which was promptly totaled when some chick decided that backing up into me wasnt enough shed push my car 5 feet through dirt over a curb and another 10 feet of pavement, been 2 months and they still dont have a release date on when the dealership will get me parts.

then ontop of that i found i wasnt being respected at all at work, not by the employees; they loved me but my my employer who saw fit to yell at me infront of customers for the stupidest of things (not whiping down a dash covered in decaying rotting food) to calling me a liar, not respecting my work at all to the point he hired a replacement for me, didnt tell me, and payed him 5 dollars more then me when i had been with the company since my first legal issues (worked on the floors worked up to the cars) so when i had a private chat with my boss about it i was immediatly fired.  then since my landlord heard i lost my job, i lost my apartment (it was a month by month) so now im couch hopping where i can... for the record i had a new job within 3 hours, its a ****** fast food job thats quite revolting in every way but its a job. i would LOVE to leave state and go elsewhere but i live in alaska, where a ticket out costs 800 per person, 2 grand for your stuff cause its goes through canada, plus the difficulty of finding a place to stay and a new job that i do enjoy.

i know you all have your issues and things weighing on you but i needed to vent where someone would at least read this instead of talking to myself or go all nutso and make a wilson out of the nearest head shaped object.... maybe stuff it with reeds
OrionSomtaw OrionSomtaw
May 23, 2012