So I bought a car with a loan and totaled it when I got my first car, insurance was good to me and paid off my loan. Had a 1000 bucks ended up getting a halfway decent ride-ended up never getting a pink slip signed over to me sucks right? So I save up and buy a 3rd ******* car-i got screwed over hardcore. Wait a long few months without a ride--kinda hard to do when you live into mountains! Powered thru the painful wait...got my truck, i got sweet side jobs lined up yesterday, for delivering **** or dumping crap etc I found my perfect ride--only it got repossessed tonight 20 minutes before I was off. Luckily *sarcastically as possible, but still appreciative* I was workin with the girl I was messin around with for a second a couple months ago who's dad is also helping me with school(which I have to break to him I'm no longer attending). So were finishing everything up at work and the repo man comes in and asked for my key and informed me my truck was on his truck.**** my sister told me today after multiple attempts for help that in only 1or 2months shed take care of my loan to avod reposession well so much for that one So begingg to tomorrowmorningi get to walk to work (not so bad) and pay off a loan for which I don't even have the truck my loan is from. Did I mention rent is due a week before I get paid and that I'm ******! I thought I was at rock bottom as i have horrible credit and horrible skills when it comes to relationships and work is as dead end as a dead body at the bottom of the pacific. But luckily I found an awesome place to rant about how stupid I am and how pathetic my **** is right now. Words of wisdom r nice, but gettin me out of the never ending downward spiral would be wicked cool.
Antipeachy Antipeachy
22-25, M
Sep 18, 2012