I Thnk Like a Woman.

I know the first thing on your mind is am I gay? Well, surprise, no I am not. I am a male who is attracted to females.

I first noticed I think like a woman just a few years ago. For most of my life, I was shy and didn't know why I was different from all the other boys at school. My parents wanted me to do boy stuff, but I found it boring and/or too rough. I wanted desperately to know why I was so different, but I was too shy to meet girls. I thought for some reason that they hated me or were too stuck up to talk to me.

When I got on the internet, I escaped my fear and began to chat with women. I became great friends with one girl, and thought she was amazingly like me! Then I started to notice a trend after having got to know about 15 women fairly well and feeling that 14 of them were just like me. So it finally clicked in my head that I think like a woman.

I don't think exactly like a woman, I have male thoughts too. Sometimes I think some of my male traits are common in women, and society ignores that fact. But other times I think I may have natural male traits.

I very much enjoy analyzing my mind, and the minds of other people. If you think you may have some answers for me, or are even interested in this, please send me a message.

And just in case you are wondering, no I am not planning to undergo a gender-change operation, nor am I in depression over who I am. There are ups and downs, and in many ways I wish I could be a woman. But in the end, I think if I had to choose one or the other with no chance to change my mind, I'd choose to be a man. I'm not certain though...   But Gender-change operations don't work, if any of you were planning on trying it. You will still be the same gender, only with a mutilated body. And it just will never feel as good. If you then choose to go back, it will be even worse. So please do not even try it.

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OMG this story is extacy what my life story is I am 18 and got a best friend that is a girl but she like me as a boy and I am alway shy to talk to cute girls at school just wow dude I can relate to this because this is like kinda my life story dude you need to add me on here

Why thank you, Spiderwebchick ^^<br />
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Hey, do you like spiders? I do. :)

really? *pounce* you seem like a sweet person! ^____^

Darkness, I think you're very cool.

Sure. It is kind of difficult to explain, nobody gets it really. So I'll just throw out some examples.<br />
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I get no enjoyment from loud sporting events, and I don't get caught up in the spirit of the moment. It frightens me, because I was a weakling as a child, and people expected me to be tough like the other boys. Many girls like such things, many don't. Some boys have bad experiences, and don't like to participate in them. But it's almost unheard of for a guy to not get any enjoyment from that stuff at all. Guys like loud noises. Gals like peace and quiet (more commonly). I like peace and quiet dammit.<br />
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Gals tend to see things from many perspectives. They can analyze things in a way that guys don't seem to understand, even the brightest of individuals. Before I learned to understand this, I came to believe that I was extremely intelligent, a true genius in my own right. I would prove my teachers wrong, and they didn't even understand me. But grade school teachers don't know jack anyway. And I wasn't intelligent enough to see that I was fooling myself, even though I wanted to see it.<br />
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I had believed that the girls at school were too stuck up to talk to me. I found out later from an old friend who found me on myspace that several of her friends had been attracted to me, and thought that I was too stuck up to associate with them! Imagine that!<br />
<br />
Every time I heard women say that all men are pigs, I just wanted to shout out "But I'm not a pig! I understand you! Give me a chance! I can make you happy!"<br />
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That movie with Mel Gibson - 'What Women Want' - it was ridiculous. It must have been produced by Mel Gibson, because he made a ton of mistakes and missed stuff. For one thing, I've found that women are hard to please. Every woman has unique things she likes. Flowers and gemstones don't always work - they mostly work on the ditses. Some respectable and intelligent women like those things too. It's natural for a woman to like being pampered. And so many women think the only way a man can pamper her is to buy her expensive things. They'd feel insulted if he bought her a cheap gift.<br />
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But instead of seeing how much I could spend, I'd take my time and find a special gift that's just perfect to say what I wanna say. And I'm not gonna ask the flower lady which boquet says I'm sorry I ****** the ***** next door. Cause I wouldn't do that. I don't care how ugly my wife got. All the experiences we shared together is everything. All i'd want is her companionship. Even if I got really horny and a really hot woman wanted to have sex with me, I just wouldn't feel comfortable with a woman I don't know. I couldn't enjoy sex like that if I tried. It would feel like she were raping me. I can't say for sure but I have an inkling I'd go soft right inside of her.<br />
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I have the hardest time expressing my feelings. I keep them pent up and somehow expect others to read my emotions. Women who do that are dumb. Not even other women read that all the time. I tested my best friend, Lada, to see how sensitive she was. I used action emotes (like *hugs you*) to communicate to her everything I wanted to say. I didn't have anything to say except that I love her. She didn't understand why I was acting so weird, and came to the conclusion that I was hiding something. She asked if I'd fallen in love with another gal. Then she asked if I loved her. I tried to emote actions that should have proven I love her, but she didn't understand because she already had her mind set on what I was saying. So I had to say it with words. She laughed.<br />
<br />
Many of my women friends have asked and begged me to say I love them with words (in both real and fake online relationships), but I want to say it with actions. Not necessarily wacky emotes, but I want to put up an image that removes all doubt. I want to be such that they don't have to question if they trust me. I can do that. I got Lada to understand pretty easy, she's a smart gal. I don't think she expected a guy to be like that though.