The Circle Of ....

My personality is sometimes an interesting eccentricity even to myself..i can isolate myself from people for days, when i am feeling depressed, odd or just bad for whatever phone calls, no friend contact , my daughter and cats are my contacts..

Then the aches drive me to a place like McDonald's just to BE WITH PEOPLE! Literally it's like a soul ache or a heart ache an ache resonating from my inner core that's crying out to be with people!

Sometimes I don't feel like I am part of 'my kind' and that just keeps the insidious circle of loneliness - isolation - depression going.

EP is definitely a great thing and i am so happy i've stumbled upon it, i know it was meant to be! I've met many cool and wonderful souls here. :) Some souls i choose to avoid.

Hugs and gratitude  to all of the cool people who've reached out to me in good faith here on EP! Hugs right back at you!!! heart

Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
3 Responses May 16, 2010

Oh I like that !! ~ you are right we ARE in it together :) <br />
So in a way we're not really so isolated after all,even in our feelings of aloneness. I wish my illusion of islation will dissolve one day ...:)<br />
<br />
Thank you, it's better now di! :)<br />
I hope your day is a good one also!<br />

Hi K, thanks for your comment. :)<br />
I know exactly what you mean by not feeling like your a part of human kind. And that need to just be with people, even people who you don't know! It's probably a lame quote, but sometimes I like to remember, that when we all feel alone, we're all in that together. <br />
I hope you're having a good day :)

PS when I say my kind i mean the human kind :)