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I feel alone a lot of the time, like I've been forgotten by people who have claimed to care about me. I don't blame them... well, not rationally anyway. We have busy lives. It happens. But after awhile, I always get the feeling that if I never make the effort to remind them I exist, they don't make the effort to remember me.

What's crap is that I get bitter. And then I say "well, if you're not going to make the effort, then I'm not going to make the effort". Then no-one's making the effort and all I feel is crap and lonely. It is a painful, ongoing cycle just because I can't swallow my own pride. 

I still can't help but think if they really cared then I wouldn't feel so isolated.
definedinsanity definedinsanity 26-30, F 3 Responses May 26, 2010

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That's the thing loneliness is what happens when you feel cut off and different from people around you more than being on your own physically.

I know exactly how that feels :'(

Hello di, I completey agree with your last scentence especially! <br />
<br />
..I have this particular once in a blue moon type of friend and he was supposed to come over to fix my computer and for that i would have made a special vegetarian meal for him and this he knew and the way it was left was he was to schedule a day. That never happened! And it irks me so much to be left hanging like that!..<br />
My circle is barely a circle any more,,,people have their own pains own problems Lord knows i know the feeling ,but i miss having FUN with a friend also not just mulling over problems but laughing and having some joy and hopes in the air~ it's been over half a year since i have had any quantifiable FUN with a friend, it was last late summer in fact.,...<br />
<br />
Take care and good luck , i am sure you are much loved and cared about !!!~but for some reason ppl just neglect to let us know how much we mean to them and get lost in their of their own lives and problems.<br />
<br />