It's That Gnawing Empty Feeling.

I may still be young but I'I've experienced enough to know that nothing has hurt as much as being lonely. It feels like loneliness slowly eats away at me from the inside because it just seems to get worse with time. Even when I'm surrounded by my closest friends I still feel like slowly dieing inside. Being surrounded by friends actually makes me feel worse to a point. I have all these people I care about around me and I still feel empty. What's wrong with me. These people are suppose to have the opposite effect. Help me when I'm down, not with advice or comfort, but simply by still being there when all these other things go wrong and hurt me. I think I'm longing for someone to truly understand me. Not just the outer me, but understand me right down to the core of who I really am. I think that might be why I feel lonely around my friends,  because I don't feel they truly understand what me.
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Feeling invalidated, misunderstood, all that can be depressing. You do sound a bit depressed. It totally makes sense what you're saying. You may have the 'surface' friends, but the real you is inside and not connected, so the real you still feels alone. I'm older than you and, if you're willing to believe me :), all I can say is there is a good possibility of it getting better! As you get older, some of the dumb things of younger years ***** away. You get to meet more people from different walks of life. you aren't stuck in the same place and can choose more who to associate with. I mean I felt I could hardly relate to anyone all growing up. But in recent years, I seem to find more and more people who've had similar mindsets, similar experiences...if my younger self would have known! There ARE other people out there who'd understand you, is what I'm saying. You just haven't met them keep on fighting the good fight, you'll find them eventually...

I have no idea what I said that got 'starred' out. Oh. I believe it was s. t. r. i. p. p. e .d. Geeze, I didn't mean it in a dirty way!

I was feeling like this a while back so I kind of understand where you're coming from. I know I had nights were I would just cry for a couple of months. I even confronted my best friends and told them something was wrong with me because I wasn't my happy self. I felt incredibly lonely except I knew I really wasn't and I felt no one could understand what I was feeling. I was getting depressed or it felt like it. Idk it was a phase though. It passed. I think it's just a part of growing up sometimes. The whole transitioning into the real world well for me it was. It was like a mid life crisis lol except not really mid life more like 20 yr old crisis haha, not knowing where life was taking me and the fact my dreams seemed so far away. Trust me I still feel down sometimes but I try to have faith which is what I think got me out of that mood.

Yes lonliness is a strange thing, almost as strange as friendship. You'd think that the two would go together and everything would be fine and dandy. But unfortunately they don't. In our present society we are encouraged, cajoled and pushed into having fun, being with people, socialising etc. It ends with us pushing ourselves outwards, living a show for the social groups. But what happens to our inner needs; they don't get satisfied by all the activity and if we don't do something about this then the emptiness gets worst and we are lonely. 'Loneliness' is a terrible state to be in but it can be helped by being 'alone'. The one is something we have no control over the other is a choice we make; we decide to be alone with ourselves. By doing this we begin to have time for ourselves, for our inner needs, for our spiritual (in the widest sense) needs which are sukced out of us by constant activity even with 'friends'. I wish you some quality time Shogun alone with the real you and not the party/social animal David.

Well I actually do feel the same way but when I get too fed up with it I go and try having fun with my friend, i try being positive and eventually it happens.......I talk to my friends despite that they dont understand me a;ways but at the end i feel better and even if they think i am crazy they are still my friends right?<br />
Try thinking positively and talk to someone.......

I already do that stuff. lol.

I am here if you ever need to talk&lt;3:)

To be honest I think this is perfectly normal. I went through the same thing...still am I guess. Everybody needs someone that will understand who they are and what they're really thinking without having to say a word. <br />
Friends usually don't understand us like we'd hope but then again you might think you got your friends all figured out but they're alot different deep down.<br />
It's hard to be around people who don't understand you...but in the end you can't let thinking they don't or won't understand you get in the way of actually having fun around them.<br />
Show compassion to whoever and whenever you can and they'll show it back to you.<br />
<br />
Hope my words in some way helped.