Some Times Being Alone Doesnt Make You Feel As Lonley Than If Ur With People

I feel lonley too often expetly if. you don't have to be physically alone to feel it. I believe that living with one's self is the hardest person to live with. Not liking yourself or feeling unworthy of the company of others makes you feel very, very lonely. So, being alone with your unworthy self is so excruciating to bear sometimes. I read some where that learning to be comfortable with yourself is one of the hardest things to accomplish. I think this is true. Everyone wants to be better, smarter, richer or in general more perfect in some way. It is when you are reflecting on your imperfections that you feel lonely even if you aren't consciusly aware of thinking about yourself. You get that nobody loves me feeling because it is you that feels you aren't worthy of love. But the very fact that you feel lonely means that whether you are aware of it or not, you are working on being a better person. You are forming your idea of the perfect YOU. It can be so uncomfortable some times just being in your own skin. The lonliness makes you feel like you need confirmation from another person that you are an okay person but theres times were even been with people makes u feel so lonley since u there not talkin or comparing your self with others. This is probably one of the most untalked about subjects because it is hard to admit your own self doubts. Everybody feels it at times but no one wants to admit they do because it tears at your self apart just thinking about it and makes you feel so vulnerable to the rest of the world. Some do find others who will admitt they are an okay person while some will just suffer it out until it passes (but me i have sufferd from this though my life way to much, i do have mild autism). If we all could give ourselfs the same self acceptance we grant other people, we probably wouldn't be lonely. It is so hard to do. I wish I could do that too and we all probley wish we can do that.

Loneliness IS painful, that's a fact. It slowly eats away at your mood and your ability to function and as it is often left undealt with and in many cases it can leavea emptey shell of your self   
ethanje ethanje
22-25, M
Sep 9, 2012