Im just lonely. When I'm around friends I can't help but to be envious of their intimate relationships. Why is it only me, why when I like someone so badly they dont notice. I'm so tired of being alone, just to feel the warmth of someone else hand touch yours. A beautiful kiss on the lips or staring in each others eyes. Traviling the world together, living are dreams together, spending the holidays together. Staying together forever hand to hand. Kiss to kiss. I'm crying right now because of how much I want it, just dreaming about it makes my heart warm. But that's all it is a, dream. Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements. I'm the only one in love. All by myself. :{
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3 Responses Sep 26, 2012

then look for someone or something that can turn your attention....

im gonna do that today-_^

i feel u.. same situation. i was wondering if it was self pity n indulgence, but realised everyone has a right to love and be loved. and u haf such a beautiful dream.. thank you for sharing, i believe u'll find someone one day, stay strong for now n maybe when u find someone u like, do rmb .. more initiative n fight for chances to develop. thats the advice im reminding myself of at the moment.

You are not alone, believe me. Sometimes I feel more alone than anyone,
because I'm with someone, and I'm still alone. I do not have those 'touches',
or the kisses or any physical contacts connected with a closeness that
others have. I have been in an emotional crisis for too many years to even
count. I would be happy to even speak to someone who would be civil to
me. Talk to me. I will talk to you.

Wow. Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes I do feel I am the only one. I guess because we feel so isolated in this world when we as people are depressed or deprived of basic human needs. Thanks to websites like this we can share our stories and connect with each other on an emotional level. You don't deserve any pain no one does, you should only look for happiness in your life because you only get one life so live it to the fullest content! Thank you again for sharing your story you have given me hope! ^_^

Thank you so much for your reply. It is someone like you who
enables me to not feel so alone in this isolated world.