The Song I Wrote!

When your dreams seem so far away. Keep dreaming. That black cloud in the sky that holds all your memories of dread will surely fade away. No longer does the past affect you. Your regrets washed away by tears. A new life unfolds, a new beginning draws near. I can feel the passion inside. The desire to be more than you are today. Just keep moving you'll get there. Your mind was troubled with doubt, your spirit broken. But now your heart knows what it wants. Although you may be alone now without a shoulder to lean on, you are truly strong. That's why I know when you catch that star your spirit will glow brighter than the moon. Love shall take place and your dream fulfilled. This life will be worth it. So never look back just keep moving towards your destiny.
AndrogynousBeauty AndrogynousBeauty
Oct 11, 2012