Why Do We Feel Alone?

You are you. There is nothing wrong with who you are.  You may be different than the preferences of authority.  Maybe you don't benefit the agenda of some.  But why do you have to be someone's shadow, when we are different in preferences, desires, appearance, and ways?  There is life and there is death.  A life where we are either molded to someone's liking or done away with.  Loved for our submission, our pleasing function, our surrender.  That's why we feel empty... because no one will permanently end their existence if we are not with them... And even if they did, it'd be to please their own senses, so it's not about us, but about them... That's why we feel alone and as if no one truly cares.  Because we are each caught up in our own selfish ways and desires, even if that desire is to please another.
superficialife superficialife 22-25, F Dec 22, 2012

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