Trying To Cure The Blues

Woke up at ungodlly hour feeling the blues.  I tell my daughter this and ask her to give me hugs and kisses to make me feel better. 
Do you know that she's sitting here negotiating what she's going to get out of it if she was to give me hugs and kisses?? 

I tell her there was time when she was toddler that I couldn't get her off of me.  She says those were the days, huh?

Then I proceed to tell her that I carried her in my belly for nine months and that it took me two days of trying to get her into this world to have
to be cut open anyways to get her out.  She says...Mom...that was ten years ago. You can't keep blaming me for that.  Get over it!

Yeah, okay. I can see she's going to be my pillar of support!!! LOL!
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Aug 6, 2010