My Dad Met Him In 1981

In summer of 1981 Lou Ferrigno "The Hulk" came to Scarborough, Maine. It was of course spread quickly all across Franklin, Cumberland, Androscoggin, and probably all the other county's across Maine.

To start off, my dad growing up was obsessed with The Incredible Hulk. To this day he still has all of the old movies of him, and when he was a little boy he dressed up as the Hulk for Halloween. 30+ years later my grandparents still had the plastic mask and I used to play with it growing up to visit!

So in 1981, my dad was 11 years old, and his childhood hero was actually coming to Maine! He was going ballistic.

Here is a picture of my dad standing in front of Lou Ferrigno:

Here is his autographed pic that was signed by Lou Ferrigno:

Note that it simply says "Lou", I can imagine that's because it would have been a pain in the *** to sign thousands of autographed photos with his entire name.

Here are some facts about Lou Ferrigno:

1. He was born November 9, 1951, in New York.
2. He is 61 years old.
3. He was a body builder champion before he became a actor.

4. He married with Susan Groff, but divorced shortly after. Then he married Carla Green in 1980. They have 3 kids: Shanna, Louis Jr., & Brent.
5. He trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his early body building career.
6.  He's 6'5.
7. He lost 70-80% of his hearing and was diagnosed as hard of hearing at 3 years old. He's worn a hearing aid sense he was 5 years old.
8. He competed in the first World's Strongest Man Competition in 1977 and finished at the fourth best out of 8 competitors.
9. He played in the Incredible Hulk series from 1978-82.

10. He weighs about 285 lbs!
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Jan 12, 2013