Isn't Or Is It Hard To Love Someone?

Love is never a hidden word inside someone and when you can never tell if it's even there. Than everything inside is put in a place where you won't want to feel love no more. Even when you lie about the person that you never really ment to hurt because you love them so much. That you can't tell them whats really is going on and you forget that when you love someone. You aren't suppose to hurt them and you don't want to tell them something or do something that would turn love into, hate. Why should love be hard if you really do love that person, when you already gave it your all and told them something that sticks together, into something that stands out. Thats's why you should't let one lie try and keep you from letting one thing go to the next. If you really love that person than love shouldn't be hard for someone to understand how much love matters to you.
Lovehasit Lovehasit
18-21, F
Jul 26, 2010