What's Missing?

Weights are lifted on my shoulder as life gets harder but my heart will never stop beating for you. The pain I have left inside me won't go away and every time I have a feeling your around you are invisible to me feeling blind. I try to breath harder but words will never cross my mind when I think about you. There's a wall between us and ever time I move the wall just adds on. I can't feel anything without knowing your around to hold my hand when I am scared but my heart is telling me I have lost you. You can never be with me and every time I close my eyes. Your never around when I need you as I hold my head up high and try not to shed a tear out of my eye. I cross my heart and hope to not die without knowing your still alive. If I hold on to something that reminds me of you, its just never there to please me anymore when I cry for you. I never felt this way where nothing matters to me without you there to catch me and I can't see whats been following me anymore in the distance. My tracks have been covered with shadows that won't ever go away and I leave all of fears behind me taking a step closer to the bottom of the ocean. Even though I look back to what was there before to begin with, I see my face with guilt on to what I shouldn't be hiding inside me when I lost it having no one to hold on to. I took the things all together and made it a puzzle that showed me what I have been missing this whole time when took my last deep breath. But with out you there's no way I wouldn't have found it because what I have been missing, was you.
Lovehasit Lovehasit
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2010