we all want and crave to be loved but the truth is its a with the right person can be great.but how many of us really find or know when we have the right person in our life.chances our we dont and we will be slowly and painfully destroyed .emotionally and mentally.simply and utterly destroyed till its so unbearable we feel physical pain.
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probably true.

love hurts no matter what.even if it is returned :(

Its a curse when you keeping falling for people and the love is never returned but if you can find that one person that does it will be anything but a curse.

i am glad you still hold on to that belief.unfortunately all my trust has been stolen from me :(

I think your right it does destroy you and the pain can be so unbareable. It seems to have been the case with every person I've had in my life. I also think there is something wrong with a great deal of men these days. They lie, cheat and generally can't be trusted. I still hold on to the belief there has to be some good men out there somewhere.

What choices does one have..they love..or they isolate, LA/ Love Anonymous..though you could just isolate and skip the..Hi I am..... I am a lover intro..*LOL* I am not laughing at you, I just figured out myself that some people are going to be alone in life, and that is just how it is..