...and Just A Little Bit Crazy

Amazing how a single word from you is enough to lift my mood.

Amazing how the mere sight of you completely change the direction of my downturn mouth.

Amazing too how sometimes the mere sight of you renders me speechless with love.

Amazing how I see how weird you are, lol, and still, you are perfect to me.

Amazing how two lonely people could find each other from across the room;

how it is your heart's voice that I hear in the vast universe of lost souls.
june1999 june1999
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Sjune, who is it this time? LOL

I know, I know. XD Between my not being here and the many gentlemen taking numbers, we have both lost count, right? LOL. Naw, not that many, this is the one after the magician.

No idea what got into me, Dan, lol... Or maybe I do have an idea. Maybe.<br />
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You know, I had to check the story to see if you had quoted me or someone else. I couldn't believe I wrote that :D

"how it is your heart's voice that I hear in the vast universe of lost souls.|"<br />
<br />
Such a wonderful line. <br />
It must be a very special connection <br />
So beautiful

:-)<br />
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Well, if you have your song(s) on YouTube, you can simply copy and paste the link address to the video address box on your profile. You can click the <b>Edit Profile</b> link (left column on your profile page, under the heading <b>Account Tools</b>) - or simply scroll down the mid column until you see the heading <b>My Video</b> and click the <b>Edit</b> video settings.<br />
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We all have a slot to upload a video on our profile - mine has a Fall Out Boy video at the moment, if you'd care to take a look. (Which reminds me, it's high time I changed it, ha.)

No problem Jim, although it might be better if you also share what you just said as a story or stories so other can enjoy them, too :-)<br />
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When you talk about love, it's bound to be a never ending thread, I think, hehe.. Funny how you mention about the old couple not sparing a glance at you. I always can tell how well things are between a couple by that - it is what reassure me of their love, when they only have eyes for each other.<br />
<br />
Some couples try to keep it cool but you can always tell; if they're not bickering or teasing each other, they'd be touching each other non stop. Not always in sexual ways; just light touch here and there but it's constant. These things always put a smile on my face.<br />
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Glad my story serves as a small confirmation to your creative work. Perhaps one day you'd share and upload it to your profile or blog so the rest of EP can enjoy it, too!

Which can be a curse sometimes, eyeno ;-)<br />
<br />
For him, that is. LOL

Mwah to you too, luv :)

What a beautiful post june. Much love to you! mwah

Another amazing thing about love, it endures :)

I was hoping you'd take the stage and announce it yourself ;-)

You forgot to mention how I've managed to stay one step ahead of the men in white lab coats with butterfly nets....now that's AMAZING!

@AgeingThinker: You can't escape it... or me! :)<br />
<br />
@Avi: I'm recovering from a bout of flu so yeah, I'm in a good mood! *ear to ear smile*<br />
<br />
@Wall: Waiting for a reply from ya!<br />
<br />
@Lordie: I signed in just in time to see your comment!! We're truly meant for each other! LOL.

Ah! L'Amore!<br />
<br />
Such an amazing post,

Nice reading. :)

you kind of always sending the happy vibes all over the place whenever i feel that you're in good mood.. . <br />
<br />
i can imagine you smiling.. . <br />
i like it, it's contagious .. . *love u lots*

Ah, the eternal subject, nicely told

And you, African king :)

love you, eastern princess

LOL Avi! I thought we'd agreed not to say it out loud here!

thank you.. . i feel the same about you ♥