Love Has The Power To Make A Change In The World

when two people fall in love ... the world change from ugliness to beauty and covered by many of romantic colors .......the life has just started and both of them were just born ...

I think we can't control love ... love is both of love emotion and lust , love bring lust but lust doesn't bring love .

and we can control our lust but we can't control love .

love makes you see your partner the most beautiful person in world and you want to live with her /him forever , so the best way is to marry him / her .lol.

I think when someone is in love but he or she doesn't think of marriage , they are not in love ... they are just having time together and satisfy the desires .. so their world doesn't change and the ugliness still ugly and there is no beauty and their world still in black and white only , and they still not born yet .lol.

now dear reader if love had no power to make a change in the world , would someone get married and bring children ?

people bring children to their life love them and to take care of them and they might be the reason for their suffering in life (:o

I don't know who said that ( how beautiful to destroy yourself in something you love ) he was right !

so love is amazing and it is everything in life , without it your life is empty .
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lol yes I have a plan that I won't write any negative thing for 3 years .lol..JK <br />
I am glad that you liked my positive and you have the best 2 things to be addicted to in life .lol.

hi valcav , <br />
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thanks for you comment and sorry we can't forget about Marriage , even if it was the worst thing in life ... but thanks god there is a divorce .lol. <br />
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flip the coin !

That’s a good and wonderful right up till the other person flips that coin on your stupid ***. Try and give a little warning of how it is to fall in love, then merry that person only to have them bash you in the back of the head. Marriage is a man made institution. A legal agreement that states two people are together, that is all it is, nothing more. From a person that is married and has had the coin flipped on him. Forget the marriage and just find someone to be happy with. Oh and if they are not happy just being with you, move on and find someone that loves being with you. The pain is not worth it.

Whoever reads this , please don't flip the coin , that's for your own good hahahaha

hahaha that's horrible lu, but true lol.<br />
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Whoever reads this, revolt! don't do that to your future spouse/lover etc<br />
flip the coin :p

you are right .... I did write about the sadness , anger and pain ..etc ... but then I deleted it ... I wanted to be positive as much as I can my friend .lol. <br />
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so keep the coin on one side , after they marry we will show them the other side Muwhahahahahaha

love is amazing lu! But you haven't flipped the coin.. the other side, which is sadness, anger, the disfunctional love that people have to fight for and against (each other) to exist. .. I agree with the marriage part.