Love Is Not Everything, Love Is Overrated And It Sucks.

okay recently i am finding that most people i know think love is everything and is what keeps people together. bloody hell, i hate these people who think like that, well i dont hate them, i just hate their thinking. i just dont know why people make such a big deal out of something like that. for example "oh, they are getting married, i am gonna cry a ******* river" or " he has found a girlfriend, lets congratulate this person, a thousand ******* cheers for this person". damn. why to these people have such an airy mind. love is not everything and i am learning this more and more as time ticks by. i have ran without love for 20 years and i am still operating fine as a human, both mentally and physically. you know who i respect for bring this love is overrated notion? paul simon and art garfunkel. these two men made a song about it and theres a good quote in their song "if i never loved, i never would have cried" well written and what a brilliant song. the other day my older sister got married with her boyfriend on their american vacation. i was told my my dad and my response is "so? whats the deal?" he though there was something wrong with me when i said that. and i said in response " i didnt fail this year at uni, and i dont go all happy and cheery about it" and he just looked at me bluntly and continued about how proud he was to see his daughter getting married. i just think people make these kinds of things larger than life. so what! i dont care about 2 shallow people getting married. i doesnt change my life and i feel very indifferent from hearing that. i only get cheery like that when i hear on the news that a scientist has found a cure for a life threatenting cancer or that a doctor has successfully saved a person from dying. thats more important to me because these people are appreciating the value or saving another person. i hate how on my facebook, i lied and wrote that i found a girlfriend and i got all these messages from my friends and family saying "oh well done, all the best" or "wow you must be one lucky man, care to tell me who this lucky girl is?" and i just deleted their messages in anger. they dont give a **** that i have completed another semester of uni and that i am closer and closer to getting myself a career in architecture, but they care when i found a relationship? rubbish, i dont need a girfriend to be under the successful status. oh year and more more thing about love and its overratedness, i hate it when society in general put a person is put down who is in their 30's and hasnt been married or found a girlfriend, whats the fuss, maybe that person is happy with being single, maybe thats their decision they made, or maybe they do think themselves that love is overrated. people like that need to understand that they are making a big deal out of something so small. i hate how people also use these relationship stories as gossip too, talk about something more original. geez. but all in all i think theres more to life than love, and i call it fun.
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Love may not mean everything to you and a lot of other people, but it's everything to me. Last year I nearly committed suicide. The one thing that stopped me and actually cured my depression? I found someone who loved me unconditionally. She may be gone, but I will never forget that she truly saved me from death. I'm completely fine if you don't care for love, but don't hate people for how they feel. These people can't just stop their feelings. It's part of who we are.

Um... Listen, I'm in love. I love my boyfriend so much that I could easily say that he means more to me than anything. But that doesn't mean that I'm saying that research for medical cures is less important... Loving somebody isn't overrated, but it really isn't a big deal... I mean, that's pretty much the same as saying that love for your family is overrated. :L

I think love is useless,and yes because somebody hurt me, but bottom line is i was good, i did my part of whats expected and i got peanuts in return and then got dumped after battling it for the longest while. So to me it really makes no difference, love screws all of us anyway, good or bad and so i dont see what the fuss is about if we all we get in the end is a broken heart and wishing we never met that person. Its all a bunch of hogwash

@ViancaMz. i agree with that philosophy. how come its okay for a man to be rejected but its not okay for a girl to be rejected? its hard for us men too, so i agree if women are not gonna treat me right, then i am not gonna treat them right. i got asked out the other day and i am very temped to tell her to waste someone else's time.<br />
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but i also agree with what you mentioned about being happy. i am not really a bitter person but i still dont see whats so festive and beautiful about marriage, to me its just a stipulation that to people are united together because they love each other. what i am saying is that i didnt feel any different to how i felt before and after the marriage, i didnt benefit from anything and i dont see why people are so excited about it. yeah i passed uni this year and i dont get on my high horse about it, so why should they?

Gosh... what makes you say that? Of course, from a woman's point of view, it's worse if a woman was to be rejected, but from a man's point of view, it's worse for a guy to get it's equal, really... No need to pick on the girls, fella... :/

@ suree I dont strive for love, i strive for independance and power. i think love makes me weak because i make myself a target when i try to love someone, because i am just offering the girl shrapnel to throw back at me. i dont beleive in love that much and i am not being negative or anything but i havent really gotten anywhere when it comes to love so in a way i could say love is useless. i always wanted success and power and to be independant and self sufficient is my ultimate goal in life, i dont need a partner to live, i can manage on my own and i was always under the notion that love is meant to be perfect. if love involves getting hurt then i cant understand how some people say its perfect. i dont need love to grow aswell because i live to be a skillful and resourceful man, love doesnt get me to where i want to be.

I'm so sorry that you feel this way. Love is, afterall, taking risk and it doesn't have to be to the degree of giving up so much of yourself and who you are. <br />
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I do believe that in order to be truly in love with someone, you have to be authentic with yourself. If you're not authentic with who you are and what you want, it can only lead to disappointments, because you will always look to the other person as someone that defines you, and that can only lead to great pain and loss once you realize that the relationship didn't work out. Only you can define yourself - no one else. <br />
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I understand what you're saying, it's not always easy meeting the right mate. I went through many frogs before I met my Prince. He isn't perfect, and I don't expect him to be, but I have a place for him in my heart. It's been a year now and if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right, it will break my heart no doubt, but a big part of me will appreciate how much he has taught me, because I will take that lesson to my next relationship. That's what we do.<br />
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How do you know you're inlove? Your body tells you. You get this high that words cannot describe; you begin to fall in love with yourself more through the eyes of your partner and in the way they rediscover you; validating, once again, what you already know about yourself to be so so beautiful and pure. <br />
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Don't ever be afraid to have a broken heart. It's part of growing up. :-)<br />
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Peace and Blessings, dear....

@ suree i just put it this way. the more i love, the more i will take damage and be hurt in the process. recently i have felt a sense of invulnerability because i dont feel the need to love anymore. all i know is that having less love makes me come across as stronger, and i feel stronger in the process too. to be honest i feel weak when i find myself offering myself to a woman, i just feel as if i am tearing away some of my self respect, and giving that torn fragment to her, and she has to option to give back, or run away with it. and thats what i feel like when they they go with the second option. thats why i am holding onto what i have left so i dont fall apart into a mess. i just dont beleive that 'love' is runs the world. i think its doing your duty that runs the world and just being nice and working for the good. but for love and romance, to me thats sopmething that does not run itself without those qualities i mentioned.

I think Marriage is overrated, and the process of it and all the celebrating and congradulations that go with it. I agree with you there, but LOVE is what we live for. Life is love and love is life. Without love, there's no compassion. Without love, you wouldn't be able to HATE. I suspect that you've been hurt before by someone you care deeply for, or perhaps you've been rejected by someone you loved but didn't love you back. Nonetheless, you probably have loved before, and maybe what you really hate is that you haven't found it again....