I Said Good Bye Today

The pain that i was going through was to much to bare, i was rejected for anther's love, thrown to ground and kicked to the curb. He cried and said he loved me, but his heart belonged to his mother.  The years of strife and regrets are over, somehow i feel alive. My load has been lifted but i do not know where to go from here. He refused to tell his mother no, so he abandoned his wife and children unconcerned and cold. I do not know how i will make it for i cannot walk nor do i drive. But there's got to be a blessing hidden here, i may have missed with tears in my eyes. 

I chalked up my losses, and accepted the pain, i had no say it was out of my hands and he walked away. I've been here before i'm no stranger to pain. So i'm doing the only think i can do, i'm picking up the pieces of my heart, for someone i loved  carelessly threw them to the ground. I will make it, god won't let me down, he'll give me the strength to love again.
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i love ur spirit

Thank you so much!

Trust in God and put it in his hands !

Thank you my dear friend.

I feel so bad ,I feel yours pain, you had to go through this. Start again a new life so hard ,<br />
I have no words, but I wish you Allah(God) give you tolerance, control yours self , but keep in mind this is life. some time things happened which we never expected but You know you having expecting some things and now its end,God give you peace of mind and strength.<br />
Always good people suffer.

Thank you.

I meant 2011. You didn't destroy yourself you have won.

Also, note you and the kids are alive. The rage these people have is akin to murder, <br />
by mentalcide.

I'm sorry, i don't understand my friend.

This is akin to my experiences last year on March 20th, 2012. And he stole my money,car, SMEARD my name. And of course their is a 23 year old girlfriend. Darn they are pieces of doo doo.<br />
They are cartoons,they seek the sweetest most tender woman. They are failures of not becoming adults. Please read Sam Vakins book Malignant Narcissism, and watch his tapes on you tube. Also look up dark souls on utube. You will regain peace and energy. I will pray for you.

bless you my friend, thanks i will.

This may seem weird but you are better off. In a weird way, this will make you stronger & put you in a better place. Take care of those kids (as I am sure you will), they will need you now more than ever. Good luck in getting on with your life

Thank you

My heart pours out to you. Always remember that god is always with us...<br />
<br />
God is our refuge and strength,<br />
an ever present help in trouble.<br />
Therefore we will not fear,<br />
though the earth give way<br />
and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.<br />
though its waters roar and foam<br />
and the mountains quake with their surge.<br />
<br />
--Psalm 46 (NIV)

Good passage my friend, thank you..

it just braks ny heart for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so bad for you!!!! and your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want you to know their are poeple out their who geniunely love you and i am one of those!!!!!!!!!!!! your christian sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i pray the holy spirit will send you comfort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much my friend.

i'm so sorry for your lose. that's treblie. Freaking mommy's boy. he's aidiot to leave his wife and childern. it say's in the bible for a son sheal?sp elling leave his mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i will pray for you and your kind. rember i can do all things through jesus christ who strenthen me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he and his mother are very selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! their blanked ,blanked blanks you can fillin the words!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your right she is a scab that would go away. i use to date amommy's boy me and sister use to joke behind he's back scott did your mom teach you how to kiss!!!!! had to get rid of him, heis mother thried to make my life difficult!!! amd she did a go job of it!!!!!!!!!! i wish i was rich and could send you money to help you!!!!!! i will pray god sends you and your childern help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care and god be with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sending love your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you my friend.

I am so sorry you had to go through this. It is very hard to start a new life. I know however it was for the best.

i agree.

I AM PRAYING FOR YOU! if I can help in any manner let me know! He is a fool....

Thank you my friend.