Nothing Really Exists Ecxept Love.

Love is God's fire in ourselves and the universe. Nothing really exists ecxept His power...

Shushanica Shushanica
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3 Responses Nov 20, 2009

We can vanish hate to zero. Hate is what blocks us from loving. The stronger our spirit becomes the more love we experience. There are will, desire and wisdom to vanish uncontrolled hate. And I've seen people that have pure love without hate. They are not judgmental. And they are full of love which is pure light.

Love is the most important thing, yes...i believe on this...<br />
nobody can regretly say he or she didn't need love....<br />
everyone needs love...i need love, you need love, they need love...all of us need love....<br />
<br />
in this case...we must spread all over love.....<br />
<br />
love each other and set hate aside....we can't vanish hate, coz it's relative...but we can avoid hate, per se.<br />
<br />
enjoy this site folks....<br />
<br />
<br />
see u

I can't believe on this idea..only love exists?<br />
we must know that love does not exist without hate? how can we define love with the absence of hate?? <br />