Blah Blah Love

Love there's so much that can be said about it and many arguements to have about loves good and evil nature. I do believe in true love but I am one who believes that there is many types and a person can fall in love more than once and even at the same time. Love evolves with out us knowing and having no control over it but we being human cannot accept that because we must find a way to control everything, many people will never experience the true joy of love no matter if it's romantic love or friendship, we cannot hold love down or try to change it, we must accept it for what it is. Love has the power to bring us life or bring us death it can make us soar higher than we've ever been and send us crashing down into the depths of darkness but still we always look for it and need it, it's an emptyness that must be filled and we even put up with superficial love until we find the real thing. I have love for many but have only been in love and felt complete love fo very few. I know the power love has, I know how and why it should be cherished, I know that love comes at the most unsuspected times and we must learn to embrace it for what it is and not fight against it. I can honestly say love has shown me much and is a great teacher and the lessons keep coming and thru it all love has held me together even if it was love that broke me into pieces to begin with this is why I think love is the most important thing.

drkiris drkiris
26-30, F
Mar 24, 2010