The Gift of Love

When love ends, the pain is immeasurable.  However, the gift we receive from the love while it is with us is equally immeasurable.  We cannot measure the joy, the warmth, the sheer exhilaration that we feel each and every moment that we know while in love.  I was blessed with the love of my wife for 15 years and felt like I was in heaven each and every day of our relationship.

Now that she is gone, it seems to foolish how I took that wonderful love for granted but I am thankful to know that I told her and left her with with no doubt that I loved her so; she knew it deeply in her soul.  Thank goodness for love and after I am over my grief, may it be in my life once again!

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5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

and myriend i am sure it will. this is a wonderful story true love will return when you least expect it!!

Thank you!!!! This is the most honest, heartfelt story I have ever heard. I love you nudie. I am going to go give Mr. Wonderful a big kiss. BLESS YOU . And I know love will find you again And what a lucky woman

Your story is so beautiful and wise, nude. You fully understood and cherished what you had with your wife, and made sure she always knew it, which so few people ever do. When you're ready to love again, she will be a very lucky lady, indeed.

nudie, you and your wife were fully blessed. Too many people don't get that kind of joy in their lives and how fortunate that you made sure she knew how you felt. How many people live with regret not so much for what they said, but for what they didn't say? You will find love again. I know you miss your wife every day, but having loved like that makes you open to the reality that it does exist.

Aww nude, what a lovely story thank you for sharing. Your wife was a lucky woman to have such a special love - you both were certainly blessed to have that time together. I am certain that with such a generous and open spirit love will find its way into your life again.