Why We Want to Die

Love can make u commit suicide.  Every time I fall in love I screw it up maybe like i've said a million and one times i don't deserve to be in love.  So why don't we all just go screw ourselves
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This is a 2007 thread, and I sit and read it a week before Christmas 2011. My only daughter took her young 16 year life in 2006. The impact upon her father and my husband of over 25 years has been horrifying. I'm now poised to lose our highly profitable business and my marriage to my lifetime love, since my daughter's suicide. Death looks more inviting than my life now, but I would NEVER harm myself. If my baby girl had any idea the impact and fall-out of her devastating suicide, I don't believe she would have made the choice. I do understand depression... Especially now, and the desire to escape pain. Medications also impact choices toward suicide, but so does the deep clinical depression that can close anybody's mind to reason. As the best times in life have transitioned into torment, it can and will also flow back to better days. Blessings to ALL who suffer within depression and the loss of a truly cherished, loved one.

I am here for you

i love you with all my heart.

we cant all just screw ourselves because then it wouldn't be fun and screwing is supposed to be fun.

PLEASE don't give up on people. I did for FAR too many years. There are people you can TRUST with your heart!! and for me to say that is shocking!! Read a few of my stories and you will understand why. ALSO please remember that REAL love does NOT hurt!!

I used to feel the same way. I used to blame myself for why the relationships didn't work out. I realize now I was picking the wrong men. I was always picking the ones who didn't accept me for who I am and wanted to change everything about me. I realize now thats not love. Somewhere there is someone who will love you exactly for who you are. You do deserve to be loved and please believe that.