wow love really can kill because yesterday i cut myself because i upset my better half.

AnikiMomo AnikiMomo
4 Responses May 8, 2007

I think a lot of people mistake obsession for love.
love makes you feel complete, not anxious, suicidal, or inferior.

Your a fool. Cutting yourself over your "other half." Anyone who does an irrational move for another human being is insane. You have to be insane! Over something like that, not worth it I like how your referred to your better half if thats a guy or girl then your waiting your time and only scaring your skin. Get over it. Its your fault for letting your self esteem get so low. Your better than that! People are retards that you shouldn't go to extremes for because they only crush you!

love does kill..................your heartbreak and sorrow and misery is directly exponential to how deeply and purely you love. I lost my true love......but still love her. The regret and heartbreak is slowly killing me. Can/does true love die? Can it be replaced somehow with anger and dismissal? How do you turn-off true love? you still love them even when they reject and leave you?