Yeah... Right

Love is probably the most dangerous thing that we can succumb to. Exhilerating as it may be, the after-effects are devestating. A fifteen year old boy taking his own life because the girl he was in love with since 4th grade dumped him. A thirty year old man leaving behind his two daughters because he found out the woman he loved and had been married to for twelve years was cheating on him. A girl who was found dead on the side of the road just because she fell in love with the wrong person's sister. Heart-ache contains some terrible implications, but in the grand scheme of things its love itself that bears the blame. It is somehow revolting to think that something as beautiful and pure as love can cause so much destruction. Or maybe its not love at all, but our inability to handle it. People hurting one another just because they love differenty. It seems rather rediculous doesn't it?
SuperRandomAlien SuperRandomAlien
Nov 10, 2012