When You Feel You're Alone

I got a new tattoo this week. It is an angel, along with the lyrics to Linkin Park's "The Messenger" I think this song pretty much defines who I am. Sometimes its easy to get really lost. This week has been difficult for me. The pain I have felt has been something that I have never known before. But this song, it brought me back. It gave me something to believe in. Sometimes when I feel really alone, I pretend that such meaningful words and lyrics are being sang directly to me. The words I got are bits and pieces of the song. The ones I chose were "When you feel you're alone, listen to you're heart. Those angel voices they'll sing to you. Remember you're loved and you always will be." I am in love with my tattoo because it reminds me to step back and think about why I got it in the first place. I wish I could personally thank people who have the courage and talent to express things that people don't know how to say. I am having a rough time today. I am missing all the times I have felt really loved. I am hoping that there is someone out there who is meant to love me. For now the only think I have are all of these lyrics from songs that help me to find something to believe in.
betheCHANGE717 betheCHANGE717
18-21, F
Nov 14, 2010