251days=35weeks=8months Without Seeing Him!

hey ladies! sorry i havent been on my life has taken a HUGE hit!!...one thing leads to another losing 1of my bestfriends, my favorite uncle, my lil cousin, and close friends of the family. then its my senior yr in high school and withh al this happening it took over my grades. so i hada work my booty off to get them all back up and i have three weeks left to do that!!!! :( then my guy bestfriend *bcf which we called each other that stands for best chico/chica friend*tells me hes in love with me,,,ugh! i couldnt believe it i didnt WANT to believe it,....he wanted me to choose him and leave my marine so this whole fight broke out between us and now we dont even speak because i dont feel the same way.  well because of stress and worry from everything and missin Cory and worrying about skool and mourning for my loved ones...my health wasnt so great. during the middle of april i got wat u call Bells palsey which is paralyzation of part of ur face usually the right side. i wasnt able to do much like blink smile move my cheek. and it got to where i couldnt talk right. this lasted three to four weeks than i started getting feeling bak. . anyway after that i hada get ready for gradnight which was awesome:) now its three weeks till graduation and im excited. and today got the best news that Cory is COMING home!! in 5weeks that is lol im soo excited it feels like its been soo long since i last seen him hahah and he gets to be here for the fourth of july....if all goes accordingly. well how have u girls been??!

"the most difficult challenge of all is the one they call,........a marines girl" :) lol a quote i made up:)

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im sorry to hear about all that.... doesnt it seem like everything that can go wrong does all at the same time? im so happy to hear that you will get to see ur marine :) that is really exciting. have fun and good luck :)