If You Ever Had A Broken Heart, You're About To Remember It.

I heard, that your settled down.
That you, found a girl and your married now.
I heard that your dreams came true.
Guess she gave you things, I didn't give to you.

Nevermind, I'll find someone like you.
I wish nothing but the best, for you too.

Someone Like You - Adele

i've been loving this song for the last week, and then today i saw where a man who said he loved me and was going to marry me when i ran away with him had eloped with a women his age. even though no one knew about us, it still hurts. i feel like me finding this song a few days ago was kind of on purpose for knowing i would need it. 
chole216 chole216
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1 Response Jul 26, 2011

Beautiful song...<br />
I hope your heart heals hunny... *hugs*