What Should I Do ?

Tears of blood

what should i do ? Everywhere i go i lose something inside of me !


I am not used to make such friends , but i am obliged to be with them,,,i am obliged because i feel lonely , i feel terrible ! I know i am mistaken & i'll regret ! I chose the wrong way this time & now i am stuck in a world that doesn't suit me ! I was running but then i realized that i am still in the same place ! Am i a weired girl ? Or am i just too polite ? I don't want to stay alone , i wish i could find someone to talk to ! My pen is so sick of me & i am sick of myself too ! I don't want to follow others , i was born special , i was born to show you that i am differnt although sometimes i hate myself for being ME ! I wish i could find someone like me , someone who thinks the way i do ! Or they are all the same ? What should i do ? My heart is filled with pain , i don't want to be like them , i need to fight to make everything right ! They must stop pulling me , i am not a game to play with & if i lose my good reputation , nothing will matter to me anymore ! Wake up ,,i am not like you ,,,i am not that kind of girls ,,,stay away from me ! I wasn't ready for all this ! I feel so sad & desperate but at least that's much better than being a bad girl ! I prefer to cry everyday than to become a slave to others !!


« Better to remain alone than to be surrounded with people that do not love you »

Amenita Amenita
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 9, 2011

hey, i know how you feel, i have felt like that a few times and its crap. it really is.<br />
im happy that you havent turned bad just coz your upset.<br />
you can talk to me about everything and anything :)