I'm done. I'm sick of people thinking they can say whatever and do whatever they want to me and to the people i care about and i won't react to it. I am a flirt, I'm crazy and outgoing. I love to have fun and do the unexpected. I'm Alexandrya.. Read it, Learn it, And Know it,Because i'm Here and I'm doing me.

Today at school,i threw my fruit punch all over my former best friend who is now the biggest *** ever. I did it because he's treated girls dirty and he's cruel. He meets up with girls acts like hes interested for alittle while and then when he gets it in he leaves with out a warning. He's a jerk and i'm happy i stained his favorite pair of white jeans and wet his phone,he deserved more but i went alittle easy on him since he was my first love once upon a time....To be continued
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Sundanese like you stood up for people that he's hurt before, people that he was currently hurting, and people that he may have hurt in the future. That sounds amazing! I wish I could do that! Then again, I'd need a truck load of fruit punch. Lol. Well. It's good to know that there are some good people in the world. ;)

Awwhh Thankyou(:

You gO giRl!! wow... that was the most amazing thing i read today ^_^ seriously i wish i could just do that to people i thought deserved it. at night i usually think about it a lot but then i never actually do it. it's hard to move on but it only makes you stronger than before.. and know i guess you have more experience and you know what to do next time ;) good luck

And it's not always that simple,i say i'm done but sometimes i still give in. But that's human behavior you make mistakes,but then you learn from it(:

You are one of many that helps me get through my day. Knowing someone cares and understands is a great feeling(:Thankyou<3

You sound like you still have unresolved feelings for him when I read between the lines. You acted out for the hurt that he caused you. If you love someone let them know. If you want him back, get other guys to be interested in you and he'll be begging for you to be back in his life again. If not then time to let him go. There is always someone slightly better, slightly nicer than the last person somewhere in the future ready to be our life partner or ready to teach us some more lessons in life

Thankyou:) And your right. I do still love him,but i'm trying to move on.


Sometimes it takes time to heal a broken heart. You can't let it go on to long though it's not healthy. You gotta start dating other boys now.......If I wanna get over someone I get back into the game so to speak. I grieve a bit then find a substitute. Normally it is just a re-bound but it accomplishes what I set out to do. Cuts the bond that holding me to the past with the one who broke heart. Funny thing is I did that with my ex, went out with someone else after we parted, so did he and now we are back together........I love him heaps and he loves me and we needed that time apart with other people to realise that we are meant to be together! Although we have our ups and downs we love each other and are together and we both got what our hearts desired in the end.......Good luck

Beautiful words,Thankyou you again:)

If they aren't saying anything valid, then go for it!