Taylor Swift Is Mean...

My daughter introduced me to Taylor Swift's music. While driving in the car together I would let her play her M3 player and my ipod was put aside and I had a quick step through the 5 stages of grief. I love listening to my ipod, but I put that aside so my daughter would enjoy her music and pointing out songs she enjoys. Taylor Swift's music took the wheel as we rode together in my car. I began to notice her voice when I was shopping at the mall or maybe in a restaurant coming from unseen speakers in the walls. I saw a T.V. news show and I was quite impressed with her achievements such as the many Grammys, and how she managed herself, wrote her own music lyrics and choreographed and designed her own shows at such a young age.

At first I really liked the idea that she wrote songs about her list of romantic relationships, I found this interesting and I heard rumors that she sang this song about this guy she dated and that song about another guy she dated and I wondered how a girl at such a young age and worked so hard managed the many relationships she sang about. I did not want to pre-judge so I didn't really pay attention.

Once again, I and my daughter were in my car and she put in her M3 player, she wanted me to hear Taylor Swift's song, Mean. I listened to the lyrics and I realized she was tearing some man to shreds. I found out later that she was singing about a critic who trashed a duo she sang with Stevie Nicks. I Googled the duo singing together and could not believe how awful Taylor Swift sounded singing with Stevie. Stevie Nicks voice sounded beautiful as always and Taylor sounded like an American Idol try out who gets laughed off the stage. The critic was not lying to make the news as I first thought after I heard the lyrics to the song Mean.

I was very disappointed and saddened to see John Mayer on an entertainment show visibly upset about the song she had written and sang about him titled Dear John. John Mayer was hurt that she could say such things about him and didn't understand why she thought he deserved the public lashing. I felt for the poor guy, but I did wonder how he could not have known about her habit of writing lyrics about her many boyfriends after the breakups.

Taylor Swift is if not, the most popular Country singer very close to it. What gives her the right to make money trashing and badmouthing her former love interests. Is she so perfect that many of these men have nothing derogatory about her? I think not! If one of these many men wrote and sang a "mean" song about Taylor Swift it would blow off the charts and would be quite the money maker. Not one has done so as far as I know. It seems the many men she wrote lyrics and songs about have taken the high road and kept quiet. She plays "kiss and tell" and makes money doing it without a conscience.

The critic she trashes in her song Mean, was right about what he said. Some of the lyrics in the song she calls him; "mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life and mean and mean and mean." I say she IS mean. My mother always taught me to not lower my standards and trash someone who trashes me because if I do I would be just as guilty as the person who says such awful things. She would tell me "to take the high road" and not lower my standards because someone else did. The song Mean seems to me is a song about Taylor Swift and her behavior. She was awarded for her obnoxious behavior with a Grammy for that song as well as a standing ovation. Why does she have to be so mean?

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I have since learned John Meyer has written a song about Taylor Swift. I guess he has taken the "low road" after all. Joe Jonas has been asked if he would ever write a song about Taylor Swift, he said he's not going to be a part of hurting her. "No"