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The Story

I was trying to think of something wise and clever and insightful to say as an introduction to this song, but I've got nothing in the tank so to speak. What I will say is that this song is a pretty good description of me.

My life, like all of ours, is a series of stories. Some are really wonderful, and some are not so great. I try to focus on the good ones, and generally don't really share the bad ones with others - so sometimes people think that I lead a "blessed" or "charmed" life but trust me when I say, it's not been a "bed of roses" (which hello .... thorns?!).

EP is all about sharing our stories with others, and it is slowly helping me to do that and to let people in to see the "real" me. So right now, I want to share this song with you.

The Story by Brandi Carlile
(Though I really like the way Sara Ramirez sings it.

All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am

So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am

But these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to

It's true, I was made for you

I climbed across the mountaintops
Swam all across the ocean blue
I cross over lines and I broke all the rules
And baby I broke them all for you

Oh because even when I was flat broke
You made me feel like a million bucks
You do, I was made for you

You see the smile that's on my mouth
It's hiding the words that don't come out
All of the friends who think that I'm blessed
They don't know I'm in this mess

No they don't know who I really am
And they don't know what I've been through
Like you do, and I was made for you

All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am

Oh but these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to
It's true, I was made for you
Oh yeah, and it's true that I was made for you


Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 6 Responses Dec 6, 2012

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I think I'm gonna cry.

*huggles ya* ... there's no crying in baseball! ;-)

It's Tom Slick! Yay. :D

*smiles, puts sharpie down, hugs ya*

Free pass is all yours, my dear.


*hugs ya back*

I definitely see where the comparison between events and feelings are with these stories of yours. The lyrics themselves... aye yah. Goes right to the Heart space.

Stories are meant to be shared, or at least stored for some time in order to be shared to others. Past experiences need to be passed on so those same mistakes and actions are not repeated by ourselves or others. When there is no one around to share them...

All we can do is revise, take a look at those lessons learned, and just have those stories ready in case someone does want to hear it.


My "stories" do tend to betray my current emotional state, and give glimpse as to certain events within my life. Though as you stated "stories are meant to be shared". Thus my doing so here, and leaving them to be read ... even if the sentiments no longer apply (though with this particular one they are still very much in occupation).

::Huggies:: It's all good. In fact, I'll have to make a Healing Rhyme for you and anyone else that is feeling down. Any time someone repeats it in their own head space, they'll feel better, they'll look at the sky, cloudy or sunny, and feel a slight high and acknowledgment that their pain shall fly by.

I am smiling right now because you wrote "::Huggies::", which is very similar to something I often write: Huggles. It's a combination hug and cuddles thing for my friends.

"Sky", "high", "fly by" ... well done. Bravo.

Sometimes,we have someone to tell them to,but they just don't listen.In some ways ,it's worse maybe,I don't know.Either way,you got a backlog of stories,and that's gotta hurt sooner or later.:(

Don't worry, am getting them out ... and am stronger then I look sometime. I just wanted people to know that I am not as with it as everyone always seems to think I am, so sometimes I need to be cut a little slack. Thanks for the comments!

Oh,I know YOU'RE strong.I was speaking of someone else I know."you" in this case,was a general statement.You,as in you,Hongruilin,have every right to ask,and recieve as little,or as much slack as you need.:)

Lol, way to confuse a girl! haha

I know eh? I'm a little tangled up myself over this I guess what I said originally,was less about you,and more about someone else,and what I said about a backlog of stories,was directed at anyone,who might have just that,a backlog of stories.Hopefullly that clears things up...:P lol!!! I'll rolll my eyes for you,and even throw in a *sigh*.lol

Haha, well you just took all the fun out of my rolling my eyes and sighing, now what am I supposed to do in response?!

(FYI - no problem on the original statement, I understand)

You can give me the "finger" if you want to. :)

A lady doesn't do that.

A bad lady...that my mother warned me about might though.;) lol

HAHAHA ... shhhh! Don't reveal all my secrets. *smacks ya*

moms the word...shhhhhh,and can I just say,as quietly as I can....ooouuch! :..( lol


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While I'm not familiar with the song, the lines "Oh but these stories don't mean anything,
When you've got no one to tell them to" certainly resonate with me. Now I need to go listen to it.

Funny, when I was listening to it again the other day I thought about you, at that particular line.

Whispers,speaks and even screams volumes,doesn't it?

Yeah, just a tiny little bit. Lol.