I Sing For You - (originally By) Megurine Luka

Lyrics I'm working on for a japanese-to-English song.... It's not great, but whatever~~~

In these days where we've been hurt by someone's words
And then act as if it meant nothing.
I stand here paralyzed,
with a warmth here in my heart I want to share with you.

Our small voices can be easily lost in the crowd,
Or maybe they are just so small, they dissapate,
Like whispes in the wind~

So I'll shout out these ordinary words up into the blue sky.
Until my voice is gone, I'll continue to sing.
So from now on, I'll sing with all my might,
With all my feelings inside
In hopes my heart will reach, because I sing for you.

DeadMasterArsenic DeadMasterArsenic
22-25, F
Jan 2, 2013