this boy named eugene had been so involved in my personal life for approximately 4 years now.he had been the bff to my crush when 11 and after,4 years he is the bff to my ex.surprisingly,i even had a stranger to stranger conversation with his grandmother minutes ago(his grandma was suspicious of me walking past his hse so many time.thts cus i was looking for this place near his hse and i got lost.)he is SO involved in my life,yet he is still a stranger.we've never had a conversation before.eye contacts were made,but no friendship between us for the past 4 years.

am i supposed to be friends with him?its so weird.back when i was 12,i tried being friends with him cus i thought he was hot.(hes so much hotter now)so,i said:hi.he said:yes? seriously dude,what do u expect me to say to tht:/
ashashalyy ashashalyy
Jan 12, 2013