Because Sometime You Just Need To Laugh

My dear EP friends,

I could explain, a whole bunch, but there are no words really ...  just laughter. So much laughter.


Oh, Internet
By: Hanna Hart

(Ooh Internet)
(Ooh Internet)

Oh this constant refresh, well they say it's the death of us, baby
But I like what you do and the way that you change on the daily
When I walk down the street, only strangers I meet
But I can shake loneliness in just a tweet

I don't want to lose you
(Ooh Internet)
Oh Internet
If you were a Pokemon I'd choose you
(Ooh Internet)
Oh Internet
Keep me on your feed
I synch to you pretty much constantly

(Ooh Internet)
(Ooh Internet)

Every now and then, I go and check on the mail
Cause when there are physical letters, consistency fails
Oh these bills everyday
Lest they be autopay
Are easy to ignore, anyway

I don't want to lose you
(Ooh Internet)
Oh Internet
You're the only love that's true
(Ooh Internet)
Oh Internet
I'd make out with your face
Later tonight, let's meet in cyberspace

Oh but I can't get by unless there's wifi
Is this a drug that I need
There is no other way
I am at home all day
So that my torrents can seed
You just don't get it
Cause you're not on Reddit
And if you want me to go out
Just make sure that there's

I don't want to lose you
(Ooh Internet)
Oh Internet
Boo boo be boo boo-boop
(Ooh Internet)
Oh Internet
I wrote you this song
And if you like it then you all can sing along

P.S. - If you laughed at this, go google: My Drunk Kitchen.
P.P.S - If not: I still have no words.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

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I have watched much my drunk kitchen on ep, it is...interesting remembering my first hungover cooking. A cheese grater has never been so loud before or since.


I can "feel" your pain, I've been there myself. What is it about alcohol that makes us want cheesy goodness so much?

Lol. I was 15 or 16 and my dad or maybe his now ex wife decided lasagna was for supper, I still make a wicked lasagna 7 cheeses generally, lots of beef and 3-4 layers. But damn did I hurt that day :(

Poor boy. Though the lasagna sounds yummy!

Oh it is... :) one of the few things I keep eating after I'm full, last time I made it with moose meat. Damn that was good

Really? With Moose meat?

Yeah, got some ground moose from the sister's fiancé had it, figured I'd use it

Cool. I've eaten elk, bison, tons of deer but not moose meat.

Some of it is good, some is crap. Had some awesome t bones out of that and then a friggin disgusting other cut. Can't remember what kind of steak it was

My husbands boss goes huntin, this how we've had the other types of meat.

I figured with where your from you maybe had to go hunting to feed yourself growing up. I mean you get one chinook a year there and call it a season

*sticks out tongue at you*

Lol. Just because I point out the obvious no reason to get angry about it Alberta chinook is the same length as Manitoba summer

It's a good thing I'm not originally from Manitoba and was only a transplant!

So your a transplant that got transplanted?

Born in Edmonton. Have lived in Germany, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and then Calgary for the last 8ish years.

Well ok, Germany sounds ok as my grandparents were from there and Alberta is good. Well Edmonton at least has hockey team but not much else so I guess you at least have a few reasons to appreciate where you are now. I mean after the provinces east of you you gotta love Alberta a little more

Absolutely! Plus I kinda REALLY love Calgary and don't know if I could live without my chinooks now!

How's the weather there? Sitting in Palm Springs right now and it's about 5 Celsius here now

The weather had been great ... And now we are in a sudden cold dip and it's snowing. Grrr! Though a Chinook is on the way for the end of the week, so I'm trying not to grumble too much. Even if I want to smack you currently for bragging about the weather where you are!

Sweet!!! Fresh snow when I get home and a chinook :D I left on Friday well it was still warm but windy and drive threw a blizzard in Nevada. It was warmer this afternoon a few hours south of here

Well drive safely on the way home. I'm heading to bed, it's been a long day.

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Lol this made me laugh anyway. I guess il stay on the internet and crack open another beer .


Glad it made you laugh. Pass a beer on over!

Pint of carling on the way to you


*laughing* I love this! Love the bluesy beat! You are so quirky; where do you find this stuff? :)

Also, My Drunk Kitchen is pretty much how I cook, lol.


We quirky, off-beat, weirdos have a secret news letter that gets sent out a few times a month. I could forward you the link but I'll have to see your credentials first! ;-)

I love My Drunk Kitchen. Awhile ago my friend sent me her "My Drunk Chicken" episode in an email entitled: This Is So You! I've been hooked ever since.

Too funny. I may have to subscribe to that YouTube channel. :)

Yes, forward me the newsletter. I'm part quirky, off-beat and weird, so I'll only read half of it. ;)

Yes, yes you should. DO IT! Lol. Consider it your initiation into the "quirky, off-beat and weird club".

Woot! I'm sure the rest of you will keep me entertained and laughing so hard I won't need to do ab exercises. Please? I'd really like to not have to do ab exercises. :)

God, if only it worked that way. I would have the best abs on the planet, and could tell my Body Flow instructor to screw the Pilates exercises! :-D

Yes! Totally with you - let's just laugh. In fact, I think I actually saw an exercise class that's about laughing. Should have signed up for that one.

I'm obviously going to the wrong gym, mine prefers to offer classes in torture. Note-to-self: Explore other options.

Well, yes, there is definitely torture for those who wish that. I've tortured myself a few times, but I'd much rather find the fun in exercise as long as it produces results. :) You would have so much fun at the Planet Motion class! It's just dancing the whole time - can get kind of new agey depending on the instructor, but it's usually just fun. I'm taking a belly dancing class for six weeks starting tomorrow night. That should be interesting, fun and hard work, too.

Ooooh ... Belly dancing ... and that silence was the sound of every man on EP loosing the ability to breathe for a moment. Quick, change the topic before the thought of your gyrating hips caused hundreds of simultaneous heart-attacks! ;-)

*there's a loud thud as his body falls to the floor*

Crap! Now look what you've done LLLD3!

*runs to digglers side, kneels on the floor next to him and checks if he's still breathing*

LMAO! H, you are too damn funny for your own good. I just thought it would be a fun class and a way to whittle my middle. :)

I'm certified in CPR in case it's necessary.

It's okay ... he's breathing ... and from the barely concealed grin I think he may be faking it in the hopes for some "mouth-to-mouth" resesitation.

Faker - I could just get one of those oxygen pumps, lol.


Thank you...thank you my dear Hongruilin.I don't know what happened,but I'm just glad I have a friend like YOU who came to my aid,unlike others,whose names we will not mention,who merely thought to LMAO! in the corner of the room ,while I might have been seriously injured.I think I slippped on a melted snow ball (yes,I know that's just water,thank you) that was left laying around from all the shinanigans that go on around here...people tickling,poking and yes,even throwing snowballs,It was only a matter of time before it claimed a victim,and better it be me,than one of you...more you Hongruilin...since you DIDN"T LYAO while I lay lifeless on the floor. ;)

Oh, digger, I'm so sorry I laughed at your misfortune. If I seriously thought you were injured in any way, shape or form I would have helped H bring you around. As it was, I left you in her very capable hands.

*still laughing*

Maybe you should extend him an invitation to the hot-tub party going on next door. Am sure it would serve to sooth his bruised ego ...

Very capable indeed. *stands up,brushes self off* I suppose I accept your appology,after all,I'm nothing if I'm not gracious.I take back what I said then...I wouldn't want either of you to suffer the indiginity of slipping on an old snowball as I have done..Hongruilin *bows to her* I again thank you for your kindness and generosity.I don't know what I would do without you.*tips his hat* you were *slinks off with what little dignity he has left stuck to the soul of his shoe,dragging behind him*

Wait, wait, come back .... We still love you! Even more so for you foibles and wounded pride. *hugs*

Yes, diggler, come back! I agree with H. We have hugs to give.

I've gotta run LLLD3, chase after the fool and soothe him would ya?

Also the LMAO comment was directed at H's comment about the silence I would cause not at you so adeptly pointing out the hazardous melted snowball so that we didn't slip, fall and bruise our derrières.

You have such a beautiful way about you young lady..."foibles" you say? To most,it would seem I slipped on some water like a complete clutz,knocked my self stupid upon hitting the floor and and basically made a complete and utter fool of myself,but instead referr to this as 'foibles",and somehow you breath dignity back into anotherwise undignified act,and have me walking on air....which helps,since I bruised more than my ego in the fall I'm afraid.

Yes, in fact we should be thanking you for saving our pert bottoms from damage.

H, you know I don't chase, but I will certainly soothe if he finds his way back. Have a good afternoon running, crazy woman. :)

I was going to make a comment about "kissing it better" but am giggling too much. And on that note I leave him in your more than capable hands LLLD3.

*walks away shaking head, off to real life*

Missing you already, H. *walks away too, off to the gym and real life as well*

I appologize for my rashness.I may have been hasty in my accusations,and that was not fair to you.I'm most sorry,and I thank you for your offer to soothe, are not bound by any obligation,adnd I will understand if you would rather I take my leave of you,as I see our friend has run off now.

My dear, diggler, I am all to happy to soothe, especially with our friend's permission. Alas, I too must take my leave as real life beckons. I hope to catch both of you later and let the soothing ensue. :)

and it would appear I'm standing alone,talking to myself ,with a badly bruised butt,and ego to match.Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed *hits the light switch,closes the door softly behind him,and exits stage left,to the uproarious cheers from the audience* I can smell a standing O in the air tonight.:)

Poor, poor diggler. *sigh* Have faith we will soothe your bruises butt and ego when we return. I'm just popping out to get the arnica cream now...


You're much too kind,but it's nice to know that someone has my back .;)

Of course. We both do. Back, front, side, whatever is bruised...

well aren't you two just the sweetest.Yo sure know how to make a fella feel good,and you didn't have to lift a finger.I can't imagine how good it would be if you

Actually...I can :)

*grins wickedly* I'll let H comment on that when she returns. I don't want to overstep my bounds. ;)

*poking her head in to check out how the soothing is going*

The two of you are adorable and make me laugh so much. I do believe I see your horns growing my Queen ... By all means feel free to "lift a finger". There are no boundaries here .


Well, with carte Blanche wherever shall I start... *nictates back*

Why does the autocorrect capitalize that? Oh well.

*grins impishly*

Might I suggest starting with the bruised bottom?

That was my first thought, too. Come here, diggler...

*grins impishly at H*

Uhm...did..did you uhm...did you call me?

Yes, and it took you ages to get here. ;) I simply wanted to help you out with your bruises.

I'm sorry for my tardiness.I don't blame you for being upset with me,and if you would rather I leave,I understand. *lowers head in shame*

My goodness. I was only teasing you, silly man. Pull your head back up with confidence. Now, where are you bruised so I can apply the cream, or you can do it yourself if you prefer?

I think my pride took the brunt of the fall today,but maybe a little cream on my shoulders would help relieve some of the tension I feel right now...if you're o,k with that?

I'm happy to rub your shoulders, and I hope it helps soothe your wounded pride. Of course, H has the real skill set with massages, but I've been told I'm quite good at it. Just tell me if the pressure is too hard.

The pressure is just perfect.I've never actually had a massage from H,as you call her,so I can't compare,but you're doing just fine in my books..actually,I may have spoken too're doing an amazing job.;)

Well thank you, dear man. I'm glad you like it, and I hope you're feeling much better now. Hope you don't mind, but I do believe in doing a thorough job, so I plan to massage your arms and back, too. Once I get started, I have to see it through.

I guess there's nothing or no one stopping you.

Ok then...

so,what's next? I feel soo much better already.Is there more ?

Hmmm...well, I do aim to please. What would you like next? I could massage your legs, your feet, your hands, pretend to read your palm, play badminton, have a seance, play truth or dare. What's your pleasure?

lol You're certainly multi talented,that's for sure :) I have to admit,the badminton is intriguing,especially at 2 in the morning,but I may just have to What I really need I suppose ,is someone to tuck me in,cause it's waaay past my bedtime.;) Thanks for everything though.You're a fine friend indeed.

Sure ... just as I return people scatter like the wind with excuses of being "past my bedtime". :-P

diggler, we are tucking you in, reading you a bedtime story, kissing your forehead and saying goodnight and sleep well.

Well, H, guess I'll have to massage you instead. Or we could play badminton. ;)

Goodnight dear Diggler.

*kisses your forehead and turns out light before softly shutting the door*

Alrighty ... let's see ... badminton or massage, badminton or massage, badminton .... or massage .... or both?! ;-)

I didn't know that both was an option :( I do recommend the massage though,she's very good,but you probably know that already.Thanks ladies,and have lots of fun,not that you need me to tell you that.;)

Let's do both - that would truly be a feat of our awesomeness, lol. We can play a game, then I'll massage you. Then another game, and you can massage me. No webcams, though. We've already discussed that. ;) (Wish you had the interrobang mark, hehe.)

diggler, I should have said both was an option. You can watch H and me play, then we could take turns massaging you, or you could play the winner.

I still think you are missing out on a great opportunity with the webcam, just sayin' ... Lol!

Anyways ... yes, both is the best option and a great feat indeed. I do so need a good workout and a great massage as well.

Well, regarding the webcam, I suppose my reluctance may be in direct correlation to the amount of sangria, mojitos, red wine or tequila I consume...

lol definitely next time.nighty night my horny lil angels. *turns out the light,and lays in the dark,listening to the sound of giggles and the smacking of shuttle *****,just outside his door. ah...peace on earth*

*giggling as I smack a shuttle **** over the net at H*

*laughing so much*

That line was just about perfect. "the smacking of shuttle *****" ... goodnight Diggler.

L3D3 ... time to whip up some mojitos ... am in a rather mojito-y mood.

Ooo, and H, in keeping with our super secret special agent theme, maybe we could be horny lil angels instead of Charlie's Angels? Or maybe that would make us diggler's horny lil angels...?

*grinning impishly again*

I love it! "Horny Lil Angels" it is. Much more befitting anyways, plus there are only two of us ... Charlie's Angels requires a third and I think we've got everything covered quite well with just the pair of us.

I agree wholeheartedly. May feel the need to write a 10-word

Do it! Though then I may need to comment on it ... *nictates*.

Had to make it 15-words and then added a comment to finish the thought, lol. Comment away. *nictates back*

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Goten my heart broken 3 times today, lost connection. *sigh*. lol

But yeah, funny song :)


Maybe she's just upset with you ... did you not upgrade her router?

hmm, think she got offended that I rebooted her?. As for upgrades its her wires and techno shtuff. Her decision!, lol.

I'm laughing too much, I can't reply properly.

first of all,am I rating your story,or the video?I guess I have to say the video in this case,and it is funny.The lyrics alone were cute,but accompanied with the video,it was even better,but hands down,my favorite part was the young singer licking her laptop.That was the cat's pajamas.;) Thanks for the referall.:)

Re. rating: Either/or, if it made you laugh then it has served it's purpose well. You should go watch some of her other videos. Thanks for reading/watching. *hugs*