I Always Wanted To Be A Cheerleader Growing Up

I always remember growing up, that they weren't a whole lot of sports that I wanted to play. Team sports were fun but when it came down to playing for a team somewhere, other than just at the courts outside having fun, I didn't usually care much for it. Too much focus on winning, and not about having fun. Anyways, because of this I played basketball in 2nd grade in the pee wee league, but  thats when I realized that I didn't care for team oriented sports, not in a more "professional" regard.

Anyways eventually I got to middle school. From there I eventually wrestled. I thought wrestling was a interesting sport because it involved team work but more of an individual peformance. At that same time in middle school, I took note of the cheerleader's uniforms. I really like the design of them and remember wanting to be a cheerleader so I could wear that very uniform. However, I also never in reality that I would be allowed to wear the actual girls cheerleader uniform (meaning top with skirt), this was confirmed even when I overheard a cheerleader in one of my classes talking to someone about if they tried out for the cheerleading squad. Of course it was a guy and the girl was excited that a guy would even joke about joining the team (he had joked about having to wear a skirt but obviously he was joking), and the next week she had said she mentioned it to the coach of the cheer squad and she said that she was thrilled at the idea of a guy joing the squad (obviously because of the rarity and notarity)  but they would obviously not have a boy wear a skirt or a girls cheerleading outfit, they would get a guys outfit (shorts, etc).

Even though that one guy joked about it then, I actually was listening wishing that I could be saying what he was saying to the cheerleader but being serious. And that gets to my point, I think that males should be allowed to wear skirts, etc, but a good example of why is with cheerleading. A girls cheerleading outfit is something that a male should have access to peform the sport of cheerleading just as a girls does just a girls have been allowed  to participate in sports or even more so, girls sports have been created such as girls basketball, softball, etc). If we as society ever expect ourselves to get over the hump of not being equal, atleast with gender than this needs to change.

A man/boy should be able to perform a cheer just the same as a girl does with a pleated skirt and pom-poms! And I am a prime example of a straight male that wanted to do so while I was in school, but now I wouldn't have that chance. Even if I was to particpate in college cheerleading, it would be as the current males position in cheerleading, not the females, Not ever do you see a male given that chance in society, and it's inequality staring all of us right in the face.

It's only of matter of time until something like this will eventually become socially acceptable (who knoes exaclty how long, 10 years, 1000 years?) but the main point is, why not just get over the small things that hender us from advancing ourselves? History has shown that better things have come from changes, even ones that many thought were wrong at that current time. Why would these circumstances of a male wearing a females clothes, or taking on a more female role and liftestyle (but remaining hetrerosexaul) be any different than things of the past?

Regardless I doubt even if many do feel as I do that it would ever reach much popularity. I am a fan of the WNBA, however it is no match for the popular NBA which is a shame, but money talks and in the corporate world it's all that matters. Alteast it exist though, why not atleast allow males have more feminine aspects and allow males more feminine activities. I know I wouldn't stop my daughter from participating in something that's considered of what a boy would only be allowed to do. To me that's just sexist, and judgemental. Equality is equality to me.
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I appreciate your honesty in this article for I have a son that has been an all-star cheerleader and gymnast since he was just 9 yrs old. I don;t know about the skirts for guys tho..lol only because they have a bit more that can fall out of the skirt bottom. Boys in cheer are rare and I give a high-five to all the boys (and girl) cheerleaders out there!

Cheerleading is hard-work, takes dedication and team sportsmanship. Most people think that cheerleading is waving pom-poms and screaming "YIPPEE! GO TEAM"

It is far from just that. It takes working together which keeps all the team players safe and that is something that most adults, can't accomplish in this world--
I give a thumbs up to all the cheerleaders, boys and girls, skirts and pants, gay and straight!

I also dreamed of being allowed to be a cheerleader, wearing the pleated shirks and the rest of the girls uniform. I would have put ribbons in my hair and tried to be as pretty as I could be.

Me 2 as a female

I Agree with Both of you. Males should be allowed to be Feminine Cheerleaders wearing Pleated skirts and carrying Pompoms. Afterall, with more and more female Sports Teams, should they not really have Male Cheerleaders Cheering them on?

Here's some thing for blog on chearlead gurls, That all dressed up in skirts, and on piece suit, there many more. One thing for sue back in my days in school ony us girs coud do and wear what they do, and wear, if a boy woud have ( This was impossibe back then simply put)

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I lost a stupid bet to a cheerleader at my school. If I beat her in basketball she had to be my maid all yr, but she won so she gets to make me be a cheerleader any way she wants

But I don't see how she can do it? We only have girls cheer here. Do u think she'll just forget about the bet?

I'm 5'7 tall and weigh 120 pounds with brown eyes and brown longish hair BTW

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I am all for it as long as boys don't as a treatment of favor but asking to wear pants or shorts. If boy want to cheer lead than let them wear the traditional Cheer leader Uniform, or these extremely short sexy type shorts that the profession cheer leaders wear.

That'd be so embarrassing if boys had to cheer in the same uniform as the girls!