Not So Fun...

I've been hit before and believe the bastard needs to be beat by someone bigger and stronger than him.. I grew up watching my mother get hit by her 4 different husbands and I always swore never me.. Then it happened.. Amazing how your perspective changes.. I stayed hypocrite that I am.. It took three times to finally say that I was done.. Unfortunately my girls witnessed some of it.. How shameful is that..? So now I will say adamantly, never again.. I am way to strong for that..
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I Think Man Should Never Hit a Woman;as i love women

Cowboy u shared alot in that one comment, thank you.. ((hugs)) I feel your pain.. About the second, I agree..

Yes... That is something I know all too well.... xxx

oh hun.if you ever want to talk let me know ive got 5 yrs of an abusive r'ship... it breaks my heart to Read this i hope youre ok take care xoxox

Baby... That is horrible that she would make something like that up... Her type is the reason why many woman are not beleived when they seek help.. Always met with skepticism.. Truely.. sad... I am sorry.. ((hugs))<br />
For not hitting a woman, you are a good (vinyl pants wearing) man... :)

Sorry to say I had a wife said that hit her. She told her Grandpantrs this. It hurt me so bad that a person can tell such a lie. We depared since then. I hope to never see her again. I do take greay pried in not hitting Women'

I know Cowboy.... ((hugs))<br />
Lv1974... Why stay... I wish I could lend you my hand..<br />
*Sending comforting thoughts your way* (((((hugs))))

I'd like to hit the crap out of him for you...he deserves it.

I hear you. It has only happened 3 times in 20 years, the last in front of my teenage daughter, not the worst of it of course just the end, and the end result. I am still with him, "giving it a go". The first time when we were first together young and stupid, the last two recently after I found out about his affair we fought a lot and he raised a hand twice. (alcohol was involved) It got ugly the last time.

highside.. I know exactly what you are saying that is why I excused myself from the situation... 3x wuz my mistake.. But often times peeps don't leave at all..

CaptainMac... Good for you.. ((hugs)).. I think the way men treat women stems from childhood.. You are setting an excellent example for your son.. One day he will be an amazing man that knows how to treat a woman..<br />
Progression.. Thank you.. Like I said.. Never again.. :)

NovemberTears.. I know those types as well.. Either they eventually get out on their own or are forced too by someone else..<br />
Malecka.. I am sorry that you went through he same thing.. Obviously we are both very strong individuals.. ((hugs))

I was in same situation and stayed for long time. What people don't realize is how hard it is to get out. You have to be very strong mentally to get out. I am glad you get yourself and your girls out in time.

Thanks.. ((hugs)) Took a minute.. But you're right, I know chickas that have stayed..