So Simple

Manners are such simple things to use. The simple words Please and Thankyou mean so much. I am always reminding my children to use their manners.
Manners cost nothing but they show you value and respect things.
Excuse me please is such a simple request rather than pushing past someone.
Holding open a door to let someone through rather than pushing past. all delivered with a simple smile.
Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.
If they still do not have the respect to say thankyou, it just means you are a better person.
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Mr S thanks for your comment. I wouldn't say more sophisticated, its just simple courtesy.<br />
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Sunny thanks....I knew you would say that. you shine manners... :)

Thanks WB and oh so true...I knew you would be like . :-)

I think i wrote one or two posts on this very subject!!, "either that" or i replied to a few people on the subject of manners!! As you rightly say!, "it costs absolutely nothing to use those small words, please and thank you" :-) <br />
We as children, my brother's and i were all taught to say "please and thank you" i have now instilled the values into my, now two adult children!!! :-) <br />
Thank you!!! for sharing, my friend! :-)

Amy. Yes people can often misunderstand what we say, they can even take offence. If they do try to explain how you feel and what you mean. If they are upset then yes you can say sorry if they feel that way but you did not intend to cause offence.<br />
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CE you are correct and manners a very simple and important.

i often hear ''treat urself as u treat others'' heh... umm nice story... what other things u think is good to say?i mean sometimes i might say things n someone might misunderstand?what can i say except sorry ?

You are an excellent role model to them Bf.

there are people who are insensitive to the feelings of others..those are so self-centered...<br />
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at an early age I taught my kids to say please and thank you when the circumstance allows it.