Is It Me??

My husband and I have been trying to sell our house and our vehicles and personal items on the kijiji and craiglists buy and sell. I find it discouraging that people say they want something go to all the trouble and lead up to getting it, then change their minds but do not have the courtesy to let us know after telling us they want it. When I called this fellow back because he said he was gonna to get back to me asap he then just simply says.."oh, not at this time" then hangs up the phone on me in mid sentence.  Why do people  do this?. There are many instances of this behaviour. This is not new to me anymore. There is nothing wrong with the product or the price. I think that people feel like there is no obligation to follow through on their word or promises. They say an expectation but then reneg by being dismissive. A common courtesy is to call someone back and complete the transaction whether it be a yay or a nay.  That is not even addressing the rudeness of hanging up on someone who you were completely nice to three days before. I wish I didn't let these people get to me. I guess I should expect this behaviour from everyone and then I won't feel the way I do.  This is just one thing. I am very down on our human race for many things right now. I transgress and think of how I treat people... what was that saying...oh ya... treat others as you would like to be treated.  Yes..thats right..thats what I believe. 
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Expectations......if I set the bar too high ....often I will be disappointed.

If I have none of " hurt" is smaller.

Now why is that a simple law of the universe ?

People on Kijiji are sketchy as hell! A friend of mine has been trying to purchase a car for the past month or so, and nearly every person she has called up has been extremely rude. I don't know how they expect to sell their stuff with that type of attitude.<br />
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I have to agree with you about prospective clients not even having the decency to let you know they've changed their minds. It's one of my pet peeves, having to wait around on flaky people. Good luck on your sales, though!

We are having the same prob with Kijiji too. We are trying to sell our 17ft travel trailor, but don't want to 'give' it away.

Same here, I always have that in my mind when I engange others, "Treat others as you would like to be treated". Sorry to hear their acting like jerks to you :(.<br />
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To me tho, It has always seemed like people are unawarely evil. They are rude in every sence of the word, but dosent seem to be aware of it. Which again seem to be most peoples problem, they lack awareness. Dont see how they act, dont know how they act, basicly cause they dont know themself I ges, and dont know how their behavior & words might hurt others. Well again, just very unaware of basicly everything. lol. <br />
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Not any weird it effects you like it does and that it upsets you. Cause already their, it means you know how to treat others :). You know how you would act yourself to avoid being rude to others as they are rude to you. Maybe gona sound stupid, but its 1 way of looking at it. You get upset cause you get it :). So a little "yay me" now & then instead of dwelling on other peoples stupidity might make it a little easier :). Point was anyway tho, that you should be proud of yourself :). And remind yourself of that sometimes :).