What Happened To All The Real Men ??

I can't believe sometimes when I see the younger generation these days and the lack of respect they have for each other, the elderly and the opposite sex.
What happened to the words, PLEASE...or THANK YOU?
When did saying I'M SORRY lose it's meaning, it's now just a politically correct thing to say, no meaning, no feeling.

And when did the young men of today lose their ability to hold the door for a woman, no matter the age.
Open her car door first, pull out her chair, help her with her coat......need I go on?

Making sure she is satisfied romantically as well as sexually.
Flowers for no reason, a home cooked meal by candlelight, cuddling on the couch, giving her a massage......
And finally, not just using her to get your own self off and forgetting about her wants and needs in the bedroom. All of us need to take a step back and remember to say and do these very simple things for the people we care about.
Try it next time and see the reaction you get....maybe it will catch on.
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I have to agree with the assertion that parents are seeming unwilling or unable to lead by example. My wife was a single mother until we got married when her son was 12. When I first met him, I was quite impressed by his sense of responsibility to politeness and the simplicity of the golden rule and I was surprised to find that all of his close friends were of the same mind-set! Over time, I met most of their parents and found that they too were thoughtful, caring people who taught their kids by example.<br />
My step-son and his friends are now in their late 20's and even though they're in the target demographic, not one of them is a fan of the "me first" reality shows like "Survivor" and "Last Man Standing". They're also dismayed that it seems that (especially in the political realm) if you're willing to compromise in any fashion, you're seen as being weak.<br />
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Don't abandon hope - we still have some younger people who are happy to put others first.

Manners are lacking, but I wouldn't say its confined to todays young people. They follow the example of the adults in their life, both at home and in the media. The bright side, is many of them do seem to grow out of it. Perhaps finding their attitude isn't getting them what they want in life, teaches them in a way their parents couldn't.<br />
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I certainly hope chivarly isn't dead :) The problem is a great many women seem to take offense at having the car door opened for them, their chair pulled out. That it lessens their independance or such. I've always wondered if thats one of the reasons I see less men do it now.

It is a very sad fact that respect, good manners and chivalry are lacking in the young of today. It is fast becoming a very selfish and materialistic society that we must live in. I think that traditional family life has changed dramatically in recent years with parents working longer and longer hours in order to make ends meet, somewhere along the way the teaching of and passing down of these all important morals and values has been lost.

I am around middle school aged children all day long. They range in age from 10 to 14. I'd say the majority of them are 11 to 13. I am amazed daily at how rude the boys are. Manners and respect for women are obviously not being taught at home. I've seen the same disrespect in their fathers at PTC Meetings, individual conferences, etc. Sad.<br />
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I'm considering asking you to marry me by the way.

You have my respect. I would be on the other side of my profession if I had to spend a minute in today's classrooms.

Btw....we all better hope HL1970 is into polygomy at the rate all of our proposals are fast headed his way! ;-)

Thank you, DFM. It's not always an easy profession but it's rewarding. It might be worth being the wife of a polygomist if he treats us all like that :-)...I'm thinking he's probably not into polygomy though..he has too much respect for women! Thank you HL1970..I hope you influence guys who read your stuff!

What happened? Rhetorical? Or do you really want a few examples of what is killing manners in the younger generation? I don't want to jump on a soapbox so I will keep it simple. PARENTS are failing. Period.

Good questions and ones I've often wondered myself. It's reassuring to know that there are still men who believe in chivalry and some of those traditional male/female roles that have shaped our society from the start :) <br />
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@Colt1969...Good for you....Thank you for doing your part at keeping respect alive! :)

It is fascinating when a guy my age - in his thirties or even forties - exhibits no understanding of the concept of respect! You sure got it down :)

Harleylover - I agree 100%. I'm raising my sons to be as respectful as possible. Watching the way their friends act toward their parents, other adults, and other kids can be pretty disappointing, though.