Back In My Day

I was witnessed to a conversation between to gentlemen that I know, one guys wife had been sick and they were discussing her situation. That took place at a music school where many people of all ages interact.  One of their band mates, who is a young woman interrupted the conversation and started talking about her asthma.  We all knew she had asthma because she had told everybody often.  And she had been coughing throughout the rehearsal.  She had used an inhaler and was fine at that point, I know because she told me twice. They let her go on for a bit then they tried to get back to the original conversation.  But again she interrupted and kept talking until one of the guys gave up and said: Tell us about your asthma.  Thus allowing her to hijack, yet again, another conversation, as is her wont.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head.  While there is something to be said about their tolerance, I felt her behavior was rude and needed to be corrected, however gently because she does this all of the time.  Being the old man that I become at such moments, I could help thinking that back in the days when I was growing up, such disrespect would not stand.  Back in those days, those old folks would have knocked you out.  You would have been laying on the floor wondering what happened.  When grown folks were talking, children were to be seen and not heard.  Excessive as that may be, the idea that you should not just walk in and interrupt a conversation, especially between your elders.  You needed some years behind you if wanted to do that.  And twenty - one were not enough.  You needed to be at least sixty.

I know they were being nice to her, but by letting it go, were they really doing her a favor?  She didn't need to be yelled at. but she should have been told that her behavior was out of line.  It's a small world and life would go much more smoothly if we would respect each other.
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I remember those good ole days.

That young lady should have been corrected by somebody. I can't stand interruptions like that.