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In my opinion Manswers is the most insulting program I have ever seen.It assumes that every man is a f*cking idiot and somewhere around 12 years old in intelect. How does crap like that get airtime(aside from being dirt cheap) between that and the reality stuff. Give me a break. Who cares..I have enough stuff to deal with in my own life to become caught up in someone elses meaningless bullshit.....Whats wrong with these tv execs are they braindead? Enough already

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2 Responses Dec 15, 2009

I appreciate your comment. I think that there are other programs as well that play on peoples narcissistic tendencies. Some banned programs for my kids included " family guy, American dad, even Southpark and the Simpsons portrayed attitudes I did not want my children to develop. I was OK with futurama because it was more blatantly tongue in cheek and was about a distant future which was less contemporary, and therefore didn't reflect present day life.<br />
Wow ...there are so many programs out there that play on the dark side of humanity it really is disturbing. From C.S.I to Criminal Minds And beyond. All these negative programs promote stereotyping. Unfortunately people take it to heart and seem to behave the way the T.V. trains them.<br />
Thanks for showing me that I am not alone in finding T.V. insulting.

When i was reading your short story i really thought that i was the only one who felt the same way about that show. I myself hate that show that it is not allowed to be watched in our house! I am really glad that you have opened new doors for people who want to watch the show it might change their mind. What other people think, or feel may be far different than you and i think.............Thanks again..