Our Friend Brian ;-)

My husband and I have been friends with Brian and his wife for over 20 years, we used to be neighbors, but Brian was transferred and they had to move away about 7 years ago. We still visit and see each other, not very often, but maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

Brian recently found out his company is transferring and moving him back. So he has been spending at least one week a month here until they can get their house sold, and then move back. He gets a very generous per-diem so the last few visits he stays and eats with us, saving his money for when he and his family moves back. As I said we’ve been friends for years and we have a large house with a guest room.

Brian is a smoker, My Husband nor I are! So when he smokes, he goes out on our patio to indulge his habit. Our bedroom has a sliding glass door that opens on to the patio, also. It has a very sheer curtain that covers it, I never even think about it since it has been this way for years and it is not visible to our neighbors. Well, a few weeks ago I was standing in the bedroom (nude…I had just gotten out of the shower) applying lotion as I usually do after my shower, when a brief small orange glow caught the corner of my eye. I realized the Brad was out on the patio smoking and enjoying the nude show I was giving him…as I applied the lotion.

I started to flinch and cover up but my exhibitionist needs took over very quickly. I just went about putting on my lotion, rubbing it all over as I usually do. I did not even glancing at the window to give him away or myself, now. I took my time applying it and rubbing it in to my breasts and I sat on the bed facing the sliding glass door as I put lotion on my legs one at a time…so I could spread my legs…letting him see all of me. When I finished, I put my pajamas and robe on and then went to the den to watch TV with my husband and Brian. Later on when we went to bed, my husband was pleasantly surprised to find me so wet and hot…so willing as he rolled over penetrating me so easily…as we made love…I kept looking towards the sliding glass door…
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2010

did you go out and check to see what he really got to see?

Great story...I love it!

nice story. was that the only time you did something like that?

I love this story. Sounds like something that has happened at my home. Your willingness to give Brian a show is very hot. Wish I could of been there with brian. Hope you will share more stories like this one.