The Night My Girlfriend Unexpectedly ******** At A Bar

Years ago, when I was dating the college girl that eventually became my wife, she called me up one evening to tell me she had to make a quick road trip out of town to retrieve a psychology book that she needed for class the next day from her roommate's car.  She asked me if I'd like go along.  My girlfriend's roommate worked as a dancer and she was booked for the week at a real dive type ***** club located in a town several miles away.  I had a friend over at the time and turned to ask him if we should go.  Neither of us had seen my girlfriend's roommate dance before and were looking forward to the chance to do so.  He gave me the thumbs up, and I told my girlfriend we'd be over shortly to pick her up.  We were expecting to drive there, have a couple of beers while my girlfriend retrieved her book, then return home.  As it turned out, we got home as the sun came up the next day.

After a long drive we arrived at the club and went in.  We shortly found a booth at the back of the club and the three of us sat down.  A waitress came over to take our drink order and as the two of us guys ordered a beer, my girlfriend told the waitress that she was Sandy's roommate and asked where she could find her.  The waitress told my girlfriend to follow her and she would take her to the back room to find Sandy.  The waitress came back a few minutes later with our beers just about the time a dancer entered the stage to begin her act.  The dancer was a pretty blond with very large breasts and my buddy and I enjoyed her show.  She spent very little time dancing before loosing most of her costume leaving her in only a tiny g-string and ******** shoes.  She stayed on stage, taking dollar bills from the guys sitting at the edge of the stage for about 3 songs.  After that the dancer stepped off of the stage and began circulating through the club, spending a few moments at each table.  She still was wearing only her g-string and shoes, and I noticed that many of the men were putting their arm around her and pulling her into a brief embrace as she stood before them.  A few of the more brazen guys were grabbing a hand full of butt cheek or thigh but were otherwise respectful and the girl did not appear to mind.  The gentleman's clubs that I was accustom too always had a strict 'no touching rule' and were quick to enforce it.  I was surprised to find that this club seemed OK with fondling the girls.  The dancer made her way to our table and my friend and I complimented her and eagerly placed our dollars in her g-string as she held out the fabric.

It was at about this time that Sandy took the stage and the music got loud again.  Sandy was a tall, slender, very attractive girl with long black hair that reached to the middle of her beautiful ***.  She had firm B/C cup breasts and I had been looking forward for a long time to see them being uncovered. Unfortunately by this time it had been quite a while since my girlfriend disappeared into the back room and now her roommate was doing her act on stage and she still hadn't reappeared.  I began to get a knot in the put of my stomach wondering where she was, what she might be up to...  I don't have any recollection Sandy's ***** routine my mind had begun to race and spin in anticipation of what I must have subconsciously thought was coming.

As Sandy was finishing up mingling with the the guys in the crowd, I heard a PA announcer say:

"Guys, please warmly welcome for her first time ever dancing, the lovely ____"  and she used my girlfriend's first name at about the same time she stepped up on stage.  She had considerably more makeup then when we arrived and was wearing a very sexy outfit that I had never seen her in before.  I looked over to my buddy who was staring at the stage with quarter sized eyes, his mouth hanging wide open.  My girlfriend never looked into our direction, she looked scared but began to dance to the music.  I had so many emotions running through me, but I recognized that I loved this!  Prior to this happening I would have expected to be jealous in such a situation but I found myself thinking that this was the most erotic thing I have ever experienced.  The blond dancer approached our table at that moment and said:

"You guys better get up front and support her!"  I was so caught up in the moment that it hadn't occurred to me to move.  We moved to the front quickly and when my eyes met my girlfriend's eyes I smiled big and mouthed "I love You".  She maintained eye contact with me as she opened the clasp on the front of her lacy bra and pulled it open to the cheers of all of the guys in the room.  We smiled at each other and then she turned her attention to the rest of the guys there (She later told me that she was terrified until she saw me and made eye contact with me, then she relaxed and went through with it).

The memory of this night still brings a smile to my face.  To watch my future wife ***** in a seedy bar was one of the most erotic moments of my life.  She danced another set later as well.  She even mingled around the club topless and got her due accolades from the guys in the bar (she made something like $200 in cash stuffed into her panties from the patrons).  Sandy danced another set or two later, but my girlfriend had upstaged her in my mind.

What a memory...
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I hop you plan n sharing her with us.

Glad you were witness to your future wife doing her ***** dance for all to see and for her to experience. My wife paid her way through college as a ******** also, but not many people know that, much less even suspect it....thanks for sharing!!!

I can only imagine the rush. Great story.

Dated several strippers before my wife, still love the rush of seeing them on stage.

WOW! A great experience, very well told. Is it something that you two still talk about now, or has she burried it and prefers not to discuss it. If it was as good for her as it was for you, then maybe you have had or will have the pleasure of a "come back tour" or repeat performance someday. Thanks for sharing this. TWOF

The term "complicated" is permanantly linked to the terms "woman" and "wife". Mine is the same way. She has done some absolutely great stuff, but often chooses to not remember it. Oh well......

I kind of know how she felt as I danced at an amateur ***** club night when I was 47. I wasn't allowed to mingle at the tables, and the men couldn't fondle us or touch us on stage. Still, it was a major rush, and my husband loved it.

What a hot story and even hotter wife!! That must have been so exciting!!!

Sounds like both of you have a memory that will last a lifetime. The actions of reserved woman often shock and stimulate our emotions.