This Is A Really True Group

Life's experience has convinced me that the title of this group is true. My first true love was a wonderful giving person, and a few more after that were also open and warm. But every relationship since I turned 35 has been all about the ***** being cruel. I've certainly been open to love on multiple occasions but, it seems like women reach a certain age where it is all about manipulation, nothing else.

Kelly was the prime example. Met her literally on the street in a foreign country where she was on a cultural exchange visa and I was on a back to back team leader gig at a client office. Fell madly for her, spent 4 weekends together including snuggling a bit on a bus touristic trip, then at the end of it she just went back to her ex and got pregnant, sticking him with child support when I would have happily had her for a wife and made her kid my own.

Saw her one last time a year later, met her when she was passing through town, had breakfast, picked her up for a hug and it was like hugging a 2 by 4.

Kelly. Cruel, cruel kelly. We could have just been pals but no, she had to play the game, make me fall in love, then just walk off.
ericmeist ericmeist
56-60, M
Mar 31, 2013