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What hurts the most is...they seem to get all of and get off on the good men. As A Female Dominant in BDSM, I understand this on a consensual fantasy/lifestyle and even Professional level. When it gets emotionally damaging and truly abusive, lay off!

For sanity's sake, I don't want to spend my life "repairing" the broken hearts of men I love dearly.

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Women may have developed behaviors for abuse in response to Men being physically abusive all these years, unfortunately, women will get what they want "freedom" as it will become illogical or unnecessary for a man to commit to a woman. A survey was done recently where more men reported EMOTIONAL abuse than women reported physical abuse. I am not condoning or offering excuses but my ex-wife took advantage of me emotionally and financially.

your right woman!

That's a good point. I agree with you.