It Is True!

A lot of women are like this unfortunatly.  I went to college with a girl who bragged about chatting up and sleeping with married men/men in relationships telling them she loved them and wanted to be with them forever until they left their girlfriends/wives and then dumped them.  The men shouldn't have done what they did, but she made a massive deal of making sure the woman knew what had happened as well so that both of them ended up hurt.

Not just that but her best friend used to make sure that she got with any lad that her friends liked to make their friends jelous.

Now they weren't very nice people at all, and they definatly aren't repersentative of all women - however there are lot of them out there and I can't understand why they would want to be so manipulative and to hurt so many people.  I've seen it since but those two were the worst i've known.

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

women have the capability to be cruel, sure, but i've seen more cruelty from men. way more.

I think women enjoy being cruel more than men and it's ok.

women can be so cruel!

yes, definetelly. Women can be very cruel. I was very mistreated.People in general can be cruel..,but women can hurt more namely psychologically.